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Friday, January 30, 2009


The cookie jar is empty now,
there's no need to refill.
The children have all gone away,
the house is oh so still-
There's no one here to track in mud,
Or slam the kitchen door,
Or scatter all the books and toys,
And clutter up the floor-
The bedtime chores are no more,
No hugs, no baths, no prayers,
No tummy aches-no constant trips,
Up and down the stairs-
But there is hope-they're coming home,
With little ones in tow,
And laughter will embrace the house,
And constant love will flow-
I'll bake and fill the cookie jar,
The way I used to do,
And watch as little eager hands,
Reach in and grab a few-
For family is the tie that binds,
The glue that holds us fast,
It's faithfulness enriches us,
With love we know will last.
author, Sue Lennon
The cookie jar in the picture was given to me over 53 years ago. It was a wedding gift from my grandma Lucy who was born in 1884. It never had a name but I think Cookie is fitting. That's what my babies called it.
It's has held hundreds of cookies and I can't imagine how many little hands and later big hands have reached inside to find one.
Cookie is a little worse for wear, a few chips and some of the paint has been worn thin, and he still holds cookies occassionally.
But Cookie doesn't just hold cookies, he holds a multitude of precious memories. Each time I look at him, I remember the little, uncoordinated, dimpled hands, the sneaky grade school hands, the teenager hands that had to drop a few cookies back into the jar before they could get their hand out, the grown up hands reaching for one of mom's cookies and admiring the cookie jar they remember from their childhood.
Then the grandchildren came along and it began all over again.
And now a whole new generation of great grandchildren to hope there is a cookie waiting for them in the belly of the old Cookie jar that has been in our family all these years.
I wonder if my grandma thought her choice of a wedding gift would bring so much pleasure into so many of her descendant's lives?
Today is very foggy, and damp, but the sun is beginning to shine through and I think we will have a nice day. I tried to do some yard work a few days ago but the ground is still frozen and the weed roots are frozen into the mud! Only about an inch on top is thawed and very slippery. I went sliding a few times and decided to wait until it's safer to be out there.
Have a blessed week end everyone!



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