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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Thank you Lord Jesus! Cyndi's tests have come back and there is NO cancer. Thank you all for your prayers.

In the midst of a dreary, rainy winter I just have to flash the promise of spring! This is another rose I started from a single rose that I was given a few years ago. See the little spider hiding between the petals. What a lovely and fragrant house she has to clean.

I wish this picture was plainer to see. Tildy is wearing her new Christmas Dress but was sleeping when I got this shot. I love the pink satin bow on her little hiney and you should see how cute it looks when she's excited and wagging her tiny tail. Her whole hind-end Waggles. I got Tudie a workout outfit but he hated it and rolled all over the house trying to get it off. So I made him a fleece coat with snowflake pattern and he is one happy little fella now.

Here is part of my son's Ice Castle made in 1989 when we had a fierce Northeast wind and left the hose running so the faucet wouldn't freeze and break. He had lots of fun adding the sprinkler and turning up the pressure every day until he had a monstrous and perfectly beautiful castle.

Today is my Angie's 47th birthday. She was born too soon and I didn't get to raise her. I know our Lord is caring for her until we can be together again.
I have always wondered, do you think she will be the tiny baby I saw or will she be a grown woman?
We have had a lot of rain and snow melt here and have serious flooding and mudslides. I had to go to an appointment today and a bit of shopping and had to drive through a lot of water. The wind came up at one point and blew my umbrella inside out. it was so funny I had to laugh. My gray hair was blowing in every direction and my glasses were covered with rain drops I'm sure I looked like a cartoon!
I pray you are all having a wonderful weekend and will have a blessed week too.



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