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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ordinarily I would never show anyone my messy cupboards but I am planning to get them all cleaned and organized today. I tend to get overstocked and found a can of mandarin oranges with a puffed up lid last week, so I am checking dates and cleaning as I go. I do love clean cupboards with everything in it's place! And I hate food poisoning!
Here is another embarrassing situation. When I clean the other rooms it seems like the overflow ends up on my bed. It not only looks awful but I have to dig through the clutter to find things.
On the upside, my little Tudie absolutely loves to burrow down into all the blankets etc, and listen while I play worship songs to the Lord on my keyboard which is in my bedroom. I sometimes wonder if he feels the presence if the Holy Spirit during these times. How will we ever know?

Here's another clutter that needs to be eliminated. I love jewelry even though I seldom wear it. I have a lot of my own then inherited some of my aunts and my mother and grandmothers. I have ten jewelry boxes of all sizes, and many smaller fancy boxes with treasures of some kind or another. Who needs all that?
Then there's the doll collection. One hundred and one of all sizes in my bedroom not counting my Teddy Bear who is about sixty eight years old. I can't part with him and when I look at the dolls and remember when I got them I can't seem to let any of them go. Some were my mothers. Maybe next year.....HA! In a pig's eye!

Well at least I got my tree up. I used a variety of decorations, even some that were on my tree when I was a little girl. Trees decorated with loving memories are the very best.
And see my Tudie standing on the arm of the chair looking out the window, probably trying to find something to bark about.

Here's the newest update on Steven from his aunt Loretta:

a quick clip on Steven. tuesday nite was uneventful. Dr Boop the surgeon came in said things look good. said he may have some swelling, his eye may swell shut and a sore jaw. pain is being managed with ibuprofen. he ate good. Steven is recovering remarkable well. Dr Gajjar is hoping he can be released in a couple more days. They will have to stay to meet with Dr Kun to set up radiation therapy planned to start right after the holidays. a battle has been won but the war rages on Medulloblastoma is a highly malignant cancer. a single cell can float around in the cranial spinal fluid and begin to grow anywhere in the central nervous system. to read lyle's full notes go to www.caringbridge.org/ne/steven loretta

Thank you all once again for your prayers for Steven and Teresa who are doing really well. Praise the Lord! Also please remember my friend John who is undergoing Chemo. He is fighting a second battle with prostate cancer and his employment is threatened at this time because of the illness. He is a police officer and of course must be in tip-top condition.
I will add another prayer need. My children's father who has been fighting cancer for the past few years. They think it is back. He will learn results of the newest tests sometime this week.
Of course your prayers are very appreciated for each one in need and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

May the Lord bless you all with peace and love



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