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Saturday, November 08, 2008

For several weeks during the late fall and early winter months of 1997, I kept feeling the urge to go to the headwaters of the Nooksack river and pray. I wasn't sure exactly what the headwaters were but thought it must mean where the river began. With many feet of snow on the mountain I knew we couldn't go that far so tried to ignore the urgings.
As most Spirit filled Christians know, when the Holy Spirit is doing the urging they become stronger as time passes until you have to act, so I told my sister about it and she agreed we should go. We prayed for guidance because we felt there were things we were to do there besides pray.
We set a date and she invited a friend to join us. We drove as far up the mountain as we could and still be able to get to the water. Once there we prayed, worshiped and did the other things we felt led to do which included pouring a small bottle of anointing oil and wine into the river as we prayed that everyone who would be touched in any way by the waters of the river would recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of Almighty God and our Redeemer.
The water in the rivers and every body of water is taken up into the sky and returns to every part of the earth. So in essence the river water we annointed and prayed over up near Mt. Baker, is possibly sprinkling on you or your house, perhaps watering your garden right now as mercy drops and showers of blessing.
Do you think this is a far fetched idea and maybe I have lost my marbles?
Nope. I have learned to know my Father's voice.
In 1999 I had similar urgings when I could feel the Lord saying, "meet me at the river." My daughters and I went and yes, He was there. We prayed and praised Him.
I spoke to a lady a few years ago who lives in the county next to mine. I had never met her before and was fascinated to learn that the Lord had given her the exact same urging. To "go to the headwater of the Skagit river and pray."
God bless you all and may your relationship with our Lord grow by leaps and bounds.



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