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Monday, November 03, 2008

BLESS THE LITTLE CHILDREN In the evenings while watching TV I used to grab a crossword puzzle book and work those things until I couldn't keep my eyes open. I didn't really learn anything and after a while they were all the same. BORING!
I remember a story I heard my grandma tell about a lady friend she used to visit. Grandma asked if she read her Bible often and she told grandma that she learned a lot from doing crossword puzzles. Grandma asked, "what have you learned dear?" The lady thought about it for a few minutes and finally said, "well the only thing I remember is that onnager (spelling probably wrong) means jackass in Spanish." Grandma laughed for a long time about this.
I finally realized that too many crosswords are a waste of time and having loads of yarn cluttering up my little house I decided to do something constructive.
I'm crocheting baby blankets. Eight done so far and a ninth in the making. I use easy patterns and pray as I work for the mother and the baby. A stitch and a prayer.
No, we don't have nine new babies coming. LOL
I'm doing these blankets for a pregnancy clinic in town where girls are counciled to know their options. Each girl who has a positive pregnancy test is given a gift for her baby. Something tangible to hold onto that will make her baby seem more real to her. My prayer is that she will not abort her child.
They are all in different colors and the eight here are all the same easy pattern. The one I'm making now is a different pattern, more time consuming but pretty.

I've attached a handwritten note to each blanket with my name and phone number incase the girls need help they can call me.

God save the precious babies and give their mommie's courage to give them life.



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