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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


See the huge evergreen behind my house?
I may have mentioned that I have a neighbor who was not at all friendly. When she first moved in about ten years ago I tried to talk to her on several different occasion's when we were outside working. She was always rude and said as few words as possible and actually snapped when she did. I couldn't draw her into a friendly conversation and eventually decided that she wasn't someone I would want for a neighbor friend anyway with an attitude like that.
I spent far too much time thinking about what a hateful woman she was.
Then, you guessed it, Heavenly father reminded me that it was my job to pray for her.
After all, I had no idea what kind of misery she was living with. So slowly I began to pray. At first my heart wasn't really in it but eventually I really began to feel sorry for this lady. When someone is that hateful they must be horrible miserable.
We still hadn't spoken since the first year she lived here, but since I had the recent problem with the branches from her trees falling on my fence and in my yard, it was necessary for me to contact her. I didn't know her name and number but I wrote a very nice note with my phone number and hung it on her mail box last Sunday.
Guess who called and was as sweet as sugar candy? Yep, and that's not all. She told me that the property where the problem branches fell from doesn't belong to her but to someone who lives in Washington DC. However she has been concerned about the huge evergreen tree that is on her property and just below my house. I pray for the Lord to hold it up every time the wind blows. This nice lady is hiring professionals to come and either take the top out of it or fall it as well as a few others that are a threat to hers and neighboring properties.
That's not all. She told me she would ask the loggers to take care of the branches on my fence too.
Interesting that my daughter Patty had the very same experience with her neighbor lady. She was snotty, rude and demanding. She also had some Cottonwood trees that were a threat to Patty's house and I think some branches did fall on Patty's fence. Patty Prayed for her and of course she became a much more pleasant neighbor, and oh yes the trees were removed too.
So you tell me. Does prayer work?
I couldn't resist taking some pictures of these glorious marigolds that are growing in front of my shed. Patty gave me some seeds last fall and just look at how they brighten up the otherwise colorless autumn garden. That's a purple Clematis growing on the trellis behind it. Here's a close up of one of the plants. Everyone should grow these. And see how the flowers are different. I have been collecting died seed pods for next years gardens. Oh boy, am I going to have color!!
This one and the next one are so different looking. I think that's one of the things that make Marigolds so fun.
Just look how sweet this little face is.
Thank you Patty-Jo for the seeds and all the enjoyment I am having with these pretty flowers.
Well dear friends thats all for now except I am asking for prayer for my little girl dog Tildy who is being spayed on Friday as well as shots, teeth cleaned and micro-chipped. Tudie is getting two shots and micro chipped too. So if you would please pray that all this will not be too miserable for them and me I would appreciate it. My little Yorkies are my family now as all my children are grown and gone with lives of their own.
God Bless



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