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Saturday, October 04, 2008

First I want to say that Teresa is doing better each day. Praise God!
Above are colorful Sumac leaves. Sumac is a native tree here and more like a bush in my yard. It has a habit of laying down on the job. I will probably cut mine back this winter. There are dozens of new starts growing under it.
It's blackberry time here and they are hanging plump and juicy like clusters of grapes. Blackberry jelly is good on everything. Especially hot buttered biscuits! YUM!
Gardens didn't do well here this year but my green beans managed to produce enough for my freezer and to eat fresh a couple times a week. My puppies love them too, especially when they are cooked with bacon.
Here is my Fuji tree. Once again it has produced a super crop. Because I am so far north they aren't ready to eat until November, but they will hold in the refrigerator until at least April. These are sweet juicy and very crisp. They are great for canning your own apple pie filling because they don't turn to applesauce in the pie.
Here is one of my Sweetmeat squash. This variety is my favorite. After cleaning I cook it covered in the oven then freeze small packages. This is the sweetest of all the squashes I have ever tried and has a delicate nutty flavor. I was told that the golden spots indicate that it is sweet. This ought to be a good one!

The Autumn flowers are all aglow. This happy looking Calendula has such delicate petals you'd think the wind and rain would destroy them, but this is a strong little flower and one I highly recommend. See the little bug hiding in her center?
As I was walking in the lower part of my yard with my puppies I sat at the little table down there and just took time to look at God's glorious creation. The sun was out and when I looked up this is what I saw. The wild cherry trees grow close together down here and it looks like they are raising their branches in praise to our Lord God.
This is the view looking south, up the hill. I think the sun and shadow contrast is so pretty.
My roses are happier this year than they've ever been. I think the feedings of compost and steer manure throughout the summer have really made a huge difference. I hope to do the same thing next year. I was pretty brave to use super macro and set my lens practically on top of this honey bug . It was so busy it didn't even notice me so I got several shots. This one is my desktop background now.VACANCY

This picture says 'Autumn' to me. The few green leaves still clinging for life to the tired branches and the spent maple leaves, dried and crisp awaiting the next wind to carry them to their rest.
Autumn, the season of gathering and storing,
Blue skies peeking through the dark threatening clouds,
Rain pounding the roof and wind howling like a Banshee.
Time for warm fuzzy blankets, good books, hot tea and gingersnaps.

God Bless your Autumn



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