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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

10:10 am October 1 Teresa Update
Teresa is progressing well. The medication to make her sleep has been decreased and the respirator has been turned off but they left the tube in in case it is needed again. She is breathing on her own. If all goes well they may remove the respirator tube later today.
Her stitches look good, no redness or signs of infection. PRAISE GOD!
We are praying that her blood pressure will stay normal because if it goes up it could cause the bleeding to start again. She has an internal monitor that tells the nurses her B.P as well as her temp. and many other vitals. I never heard of such a thing. It is positioned close to her heart in an artery.
Her sister told me today that when things went bad in surgery, three more surgeons were called in as well as three more anethesiologist's and fifteen nurses. Did you ever know of a hospital where so many professionals were available? I haven't, and see this as the Lord at work.
Today we are praising Him for saving Teresa. Please praise Him with us and continue to pray for her complete healing, spiritual, physical and emotional.
Also prayers for their financial situation are needed. Teresa's husband is missing a lot of much needed work and their share of the hospital bill after insurance will be atrocious.
Thank you once again for your loving concern and prayers.
I love you all so much!



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