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Friday, October 10, 2008


Windstorms cause damage around here. This tree grows on my neighbors property where there are many trees growing in a wooded area beyond my fence.
Unfortuately many of the branches are blown from these trees and land in my yard, and many times on my fence, which I need to keep my puppies home. This time a huge part of a Maple tree fell across the fence. See my tiny Tildy checking it all out?
In this shot you can see my fence posts leaning over with the branches resting on top.
What I didn't see until after I investigated is that there are two more very large broken off branches hung up in the tree. When these fall, it could hurt someone really bad. I can't let my puppies out there until it is taken care of.
Now here's the question. Do you think my neighbor should be responsible for clean up and fence repair, or is it my problem?

This morning we had our first frost. It was quite heavy and when the sun came out and the earth was being warmed the mist drifted up like something from a Halloween movie.

Fallen leaves in my back yard.

I want to mention that my dear friend Joan in Canada, passed into the Lords arms yesterday. I will miss her.

Her father was our pastor when we were growing up. Joan married a pastor and one of their sons is also following in his father's footsteps.



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