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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here's my little Tildy. This picture was taken a while back. She doesn't look this happy today. She had her Dr. appointment on Friday and was spayed, teeth cleaned, micro chipped, and oral surgery not to mention her Lepto vaccine. The dear little pooch was feeling perfectly rotten all day yesterday. She finally started eating again last night but only a small bit. She had pain medication three times after I brought her home but hasn't needed it since 1:20 PM yesterday. She is sleeping a lot today and looks pretty sad.
I am praying she will heal fast and be back to her sweet little self real soon.

(borrowed picture)

Her playmate Tudie had his Lepto and 3 year rabies vaccine and was also micro chipped. He took it like a real trooper and wasn't bothered by any of it. Nevertheless, I pampered them a lot and practically carried them around on a velvet pillow. In fact I did carry Tildy around most of the day and she has a pink velvet pillow she favors. LOL

Thanks for your prayers for my sweet puppies.

Ok, now I'll change the subject.

This sunrise was taken last week It was still quite dark but when I looked out my kitchen window and saw all the color I ran for my camera and got a few shots. Sunrises change rapidly and never seem to last long enough!

Click to enlarge.

(borrowed picture)

This icy looking picture of Mt. Baker makes me shiver! Our temp's have plunged and as the leaves turn golden and blow away in the wind, my thoughts have once again turned to wintertime comforts like hot tea, blazing fireplaces, good books and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate!

Please pray for our country, her leaders, whom ever they may be, and our troops, who fight for us day and night.

God bless all



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