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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I took this picture from my front deck.
See the little house closest to the road and take away the buildings in back of, to the right and the left and you will see the little house where I grew up. Well at least I thought I was grown up when I married at 16, left my family and made my own home. The one lane street is where I learned to ride a bike, play kick the can and later drive a car.
The wooded hillside in back of the house was my sisters and my playground. And what a wonderful place it was. Dad made a long swing from a tall maple that entertained us for hours.
We went up the hillside to the large sunny field above to pick wildflowers for mom pick blackberries and mushrooms too.
This brave little Nasturtium is so bright and feisty. It has already survived a couple frosts, a treacherous windstorm and heavy rain. 'Lord help me to be so strong!'

A sure sign of fall. This mossy tree is cradling some fallen leaves.
I think the color contrast is nice with the patches of blue-gray lichen.

I was surprised to see this fallen tree along side the road as I was walking my dogs. The trunk was totally covered with moss and hundreds of these little striped conk like fungi.

This late blooming Anemone looks as if it is saying, "I think I can-I think I Can." I hope it does!! It needs sun to open fully.

A "last rose of summer" is always so special. I love them all season but there is something about the last one, Like a promise from our Creator that Spring will come again with all her loveliness.

This dear little Rose Campion has her petals curled up at the edges as if she is trying to keep warm and I don't blame her. When I go out side I sort of curl up at my edges too, It's cold around here.

Some people like their Sunny Delight in the form of orange juice. I get my 'sunny delight' from pretty yellow flowers like this happy looking calendula.

This sweet fuchsia blooms late here, but isn't it a dainty little flower? I have had this growing in my yard for over twenty years. It's one hardy plant.

A little worse for wear, the Snow berries aren't as white and spotless as they once were but the birds will feast on them just the same. These bushes grow wild here in Bellingham. I was sure surprised when I found them for sale in a garden catalog several years ago.
I want to let everyone know that my niece Teresa is still doing good. It takes time for the blood clots to all dissolve but I hear she is breathing better and that is a very good sign. Again my thanks for your prayers.
Please don't stop.
God bless you and yours.



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