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Thursday, November 27, 2008


In 1621 the pilgrim's celebrated their first successful harvest by inviting the wamoanoag Indians of Cape Cod to join them for a celebration which would be a time of sharing food and giving thanks to God. They knew that if the Wampanoag had not shown them how to grow their own food they would not have survived. They had become good friends. It was fitting that they should share with them.
Chief Massasoit came with some of his men bringing deer to roast for the celebration. Venison was one of the Wampanoag people's favorite foods.
Foods served by the pilgrims were Cabbage, squash, onions and corn. We don't know what else they may have served but they did not have pumpkin pie because they had no flour or other ingredients needed to make one. They also did not have cranberry sauce as we know it, if they had it at all.
Aspinet, Chief of the Nausets who were a branch of the Wampanoag tribe was also present at the first Thanksgiving.
He was my eighth great grandfather. His daughter married Robert Wixon who immigrated to Massachusetts from England on the ship Fortune when he was just a boy around six years old.
Genealogy research is a fun, exciting and rewarding hobby.
When I think of all we have to be thankful for I realize how truly blessed we are. We have a roof over our head, a warm place to sleep, love, food in our tummy and a God who
adores us. We are so blessed.



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