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Friday, January 02, 2009


First of all, my daughter Cyndi asked me to thank you for your prayers and I thank you too with all my heart.
Now lets go back to the beginning of all this.
Before Christmas Cyndi saw her doctor because she was having some serious menstrual problems. Her Doctor did all the usual tests, and x-rays and discovered her uterus had fibroid tumors, polyps and the lining of the uterus looked bad.. Her doctor said she didn't like the looks of it and scheduled a D&C which took place today.
Now lets go back again, to Christmas day when most of the family were gathered at her home. We had her sit so we could lay hands on her and pray for the Lord to take care of her and guide her doctor through the surgeries. It was precious to see her little five year old grandson Kenny, lay his small hand on her leg as we prayed, and her granddaughters also praying with the sweetest concerned looks on their faces. I have asked for prayer for her on CBO, and my friend John in Maryland had his Church praying for her too as well as our extended family.
The day after Christmas day Cyndi passed a lot of blood clots and what looked like tissue which must have made her wonder about our prayers for her.
Today she had the D&C. Her doctor was surprised to find there were no polyps even though two fibroid tumors are still there.
There was an area in her uterus that looked as she put it, 'like hamburger' which is most likely where the polyps had been.
So how do you suppose the polyps were removed? I believe by the mighty hand of our loving and merciful Lord God.
I wondered why the Lord didn't take the fibroid tumors too and this is why I believe He left them. They seldom become malignant, but polyps do. Polyps also tend to grow back after they are removed. With the tumors still there her doctor will remove her uterus. Cyndi will not have to spend the rest of her life wondering if they are growing back. This surgery is scheduled for February 4th.
I could tell you of many miracles the Lord has done in my family, actually it would be a book, but what a magnificent book it would be!

Pray with faith and expect a miracle.
Once again my heartfelt thanks to you all.



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