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Friday, December 19, 2008


The last time I checked the outdoor thermometer it said 5 degrees. We are having some wind so it is actually colder with the wind chill factor. We have been getting snow for several days and more is expected. This photo was taken off my back deck a few days ago. We have gotten more snow since then. Everything is covered with a glistening white frosting and grandma is shivering her timbers!
Pretty to look at, it's like a wonderland. I feel sorry for all the little critters trying to survive. I put bird seed out when it's like this because there is nothing for them to eat.
A few days ago I saw a hummingbird trying to get sugar water from a frozen feeder. It broke my heart for the dear little thing. I took the feeder down. Why didn't it go south?

Here is my bistro on the back deck. Snow looks so soft and fluffy but you sat on it you'd find out in a hurry just how inhospitable it is!

This is the inside of the Cruise Terminal at Fairhaven, which is the small town I live near. I think the architecture is nice. They were having a shindig a few weeks ago so my daughter Cyndi, two of her granddaughters and I went to check it out. They were having carrolers and dancers a santa and a Gingerbread house competition.

Someone made a Gingerbread Tree which got a lot of attention.

This little house was simply done but I think it is really cute. You see the hole in the roof? Inside was a living room scene with a dad in a chair and kids playing, pictures on the wall, etc. It was a really unusual idea as most Gingerbread houses focus on the exterior.

Here's dear old Santa hugging a couple of little guys. I know we aren't supposed to take pictures of Santa with kids when they have a professional setup but my camera just pointed itself and clicked before I could stop it! (((smile)))

Here's a cute Gingerbread Train. Again the simplicity is always so attractive to me but I know kids love lots of candy and frosting all over. Well, some big people do too.

This pink Victorian house took a lot of work and someone sure worked hard to get it all to stay together.
I like this one with the kitty peeking out of the box.

Another of the larger houses and nicely decorated. It was a really fun day.
Maybe one of these houses will give you some ideas.
My friend John is doing well. He has a wonderful group of friends in his Home Church and has told me how much he appreciates all of our prayers.
The last I heard about Steven is that he is getting stronger each day. Thank God the surgeon was able to remove the entire tumor. Now Lord, please destroy every bad cell, in Jesus name.
Teresa is doing better too. As far as I know she hasn't had any recent X-rays to show how much the blood clots have dissolved, however because she is feeling so much better, we believe they are definitely dissolving. Praise God!
Thank you all for your prayers. There are no words to adequetly express my appreciation. You are all treasured friends and I pray Heavenly Father will bless each one of you!
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas.



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