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Saturday, March 07, 2009

DAY AT THE BEACHYesterday my sisters and I went to the beach. It was a lovely day. The sun was shining and not much wind so we didn't get cold.

The three of us have a special kind of love for the salt water beaches. We look for pretty rocks and thoroughly enjoy the scenery as we breathe deeply of the wonderful salt air.
Even the many colors of seaweed are interesting to look at.

This is all that is left of a piling. The waves of the sea have been washing over it for many years leaving it eroded and smooth. Click to enlarge it and see how the tides have left it decorated with small stones and bits of seaweed.

A lone eagle soared overhead in search of lunch. He must have been very hungry because he moved so fast I wasn't able to get a better shot. In fact I nearly tipped over backward trying. LOL!

Even the trees looked lovely in the sunshine. Soon they will be covered with emerald leaves shimmering in the breeze from the bay.

Some driftwood, like this lovely piece has been polished to a satin finish and the color is gorgeous. Again the waves have decorated this piece with a few pebbles and a small wood chip.
This guy looks like a lazy bones as he basks in the warm sun with a piece of dried sea grass over his nose. I think he's cute.

Miss Kitty squints her eyes as the sunshine warms her happy little ears.
Looking at driftwood is like gazing at the clouds trying to find animals or whatever. Sometimes it takes more imagination than I have to see anything but this kitty just jumped right out and said howdy!

My sweet sister took a more scenic route on the way home so I could get a few shots of Mt Baker. A lovely mountain she is and always makes me want an ice cream cone for some reason. (((smile)))
See the sweet little red barn at the bottom of the picture?

The mountain as she looks using Fuji zoom.
I love my camera!!
I have this one on my desktop!
My friend John in Maryland who is fighting cancer for the second time has just gotten a good report from his doctor. His counts are down by EIGHT POINTS!
He is presently having chemo. The first Chemo medication didn't help, in fact his counts went up significantly. Thank God the new medication seems to be working for him.
We talk on the phone frequently and he has asked me to thank you all for your faithful prayers for his healing.
God richly bless one and all!



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