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Friday, April 03, 2009


My little Grandma used to tell us that God can do anything. He can make sick people well and he can even raise the dead. I believed her then because she was 'grandma' and she prayed longer than anyone I ever knew.
Throughout the years I believed, because I saw the Lord's miracles over and over and his love and power were proven to me.
About 15 years ago I had a procedure that showed that I had a 70% blockage in the main artery in my heart, the other two arteries were also occluded, one at 35% and I can't remember what percent the other was. I was put on a fat free low cholesterol diet and medication that would hopefully stop the cholesterol build up in my arteries.
I have tried to maintain the diet but haven't always been as careful as I should so when I had the spell a few weeks ago and the first procedure was done, my cardiologist and I both thought my arteries had gotten worse. I tried to prepare myself for the stent he told me about even though I didn't like the idea.
"Then all my family and friends were told and they prayed for me."
On Wednesday I had the second procedure where they insert a thing through the artery in the groin and up into the heart. There is a monitor of some sort on the thing that measures blood flow. I was much calmer than I expected to be and I know without a doubt it was because of the prayers.
I was in quite a lot of pain after the procedure so was given extra pain med so I was not awake when the doctor came to tell me what he found, but he told my three daughters.
Apparently the blood flow is 'good' in the artery that was first diagnosed as 70%blocked. Also it is now only 60% blocked and the other two are clear. And just to show how the Lord does things, he has commanded a membrane to cover the occlusion so there is very little chance of any breaking off and causing a problem.
Now what do you think of our Loving and almighty Lord God?
Is your heart smiling at Him? Mine sure is!!!!!!
Thank you all for your prayers and concern.
You are true treasures!
God Bless each of you!



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