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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As I lounge around in my sweat suit I delight in the cozy fleece that embraces me. Hugging my arms and legs with warmth and keeping out any draft. I thank the Lord for such comfortable clothing especially since we have had freezing temp's and several days of heavy frost. Just looking out at the glaring white lawn makes me shiver!

Here's another way to keep warm. Layer after layer of petticoats and other undergarments topped with all this fluff and puff. Unfortunately her upper body may have turned blue from the cold in her drafty old castle.

This portrait of Queen Victoria looks like she was draped in heavy robes. But again, the chest and back must have been a mass of goosebumps.
Marie Antoinette at least had furs to bundle up in, but oh my goodness, that would be some kind of chest cold! LOL And can you imagine having your waist cinched in like that?
The extravagant gowns were pretty to look at but certainly not practical. Can you imagine sweeping the floor or making dinner dressed like this, or going to the gym or PTA meeting? I'm so glad those days are past and thank you dear Lord for my comfy sweat suit!




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