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Sunday, October 18, 2009


I don't know the name of this red bush but it sure is striking!

The maple leaves have a large variety of colors, from pale yellow to gold, orange and brown.

So pretty on the branch but soon to fall.

I'm always amazed at the vivid fall colors. You'd think after all the years I've been seeing them I'd be used to it. Not a chance!

Here's a golden beauty, tall and proud wearing her gorgeous autumn coat.

My back yard did a Little showing off too.

Another sunset over Fairhaven.
The supermarkets are loaded with big orange pumpkins and children young and old search through the piles for just the right one to make their jack-o-lantern.
How many years has this been going on?
I remember making them when I was a girl. The candle melting and the smell of burnt pumpkin. I remember running down the sidewalks with my paper bag flopping against my legs, trying hard to be careful so it wouldn't tear and dump all my treats.
We didn't have plastic back then.
I remember the goblins that jumped out from behind the trees terrifying me out of my wits.
I remember getting home with a bag of candy, cookies and apples, eating until I felt nauseous and being glad Halloween wouldn't come again for a whole year,........until the next morning when I was counting the days until I could do it all over again.
Happy Autumn Everyone.
Tomorrow morning I have surgery. Thanks again for your prayers.



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