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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please remember to pray for healing for my friend John who lives in Maryland and is still undergoing chemo treatment for prostate cancer. He is feeling unsure of the doctor who is treating him and considering a second opinion. Please pray for the Lord to guide him.
My surgery date is October 19th. Your prayers are appreciated.
Now here are some photos taken on our trip to Point Defiance Park. These were taken at the beautiful gardens.
Here are my three lovely girls walking and inspecting the long, gorgeous rose arch that leads into the garden which is totally enclosed with a tall fence and gates to keep deer out. Those critters do love roses!
I had to get a shot of this graceful tree. Don't you just love how the branches grow up toward the heavens?

This is one of the many color spots. I am becoming very fond of the colors purple/lavender and red together, and have Salvia in those colors together in my front yard between some arborvitae. It's striking!

The rose garden was massive and they were still blooming beautifully at the end of August. I didn't take the time to write all the names down and even though I took several pictures there were many more plants. I just couldn't shoot them all.

Look at this golden beauty. Oh my gosh was it ever fragrant too!
I had to get a shot of this one. A perfect red rose if I ever saw one! The petals actually looked like velvet.

Here's a sweet lavender rose. I don't remember the name but it wasn't blue girl or blue boy. This one had the fragrance of one of the old time roses. Very nice!

This one surprised me. If it grew in my garden I'd call it Miss. Candy Cane. Actually it sort of looks like a goof! I bet the person who grew this one was surprised. LOL

This peach colored rose was a lot prettier than the picture shows. Especially with the sun behind it, but I couldn't get a good shot that way.

If I were going to expand my rose garden this is one I would definitely want. It is one of the most delicate roses I've seen. I love the orangy center.

Here is another delicate rose. If I had this one I'd name it 'Pink Sweetness."

Now for some Dahlias. Oh boy did this garden ever make me want to try them again. However I reminded myself of how much the slugs and deer love them and quickly dismissed that idea!
I believe this is a 'honeycomb' variety. Isn't it amazing? Oh! the Lord must have had fun designing and creating all these wonderful flowers etc., for us to enjoy!

This star shaped Dahlia looked so cute I had to get a shot. It's fascinating how the petals curl and the happy looking golden center definitely makes a statement.

Ok, here's one of the 'Dinner Plate' variety. My Mother used to raise them and I had a few myself. They are unbelievably beautiful and come in all colors, and yes they are actually that big. The main problem with a blossom this size is the fact that it's difficult for the stem to support the weight and they usually break.

This one reminded me of a lions mane. I haven't seen many tri color dahlia's, and even though orange isn't my fav. I think this is pretty. I like how the petals are white on the tips. It sort of tones it down a bit.

Busy as a bee! And doing his job like a good little boy he sure is a striking contrast to this soft colored dahlia.

This is the one that Patty and I both liked a lot. Simple, sweet and a bit of whimsy in the center. just like us. LOL!.

Here's another unusual dahlia. I have seen many similar in different color combinations. I had a few last year in pots on my back deck and thoroughly enjoyed them. I hope I remember to get more next year. They just pop right up and say "howdy!"

Another Dahlia that looks like Peppermint to me. Striped and freckled. How cute!

Here's one more color spot for you to enjoy. Remember you can click on these photos to enlarge and see finer detail.
Does it take too much time to open my blog when I post so many photos? Please tell.
Love and hugs to all my sweet blog friends and may our precious Lord look upon you with great favor.



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