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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Babys breath against the sky.
Apparently someone thought this little flower smelled like a baby's Breath but it doesn't to me. It has a sweet smell and most babies breaths smell of milk or worse, sour milk to me.

A rather odd but interesting looking Snapdragon.

Mom Hammer called this a Bachelor Button. I got the start of this plant from her many-many years ago.

I'm sure this happy little blossom has a name but I don't remember what it is! I do know it is very prolific. It reseeds like crazy and bees love it.

" He slowly creeps from the deep forest, stopping with each quiet step to listen for danger." Enlarge to see the stag emerging from the thicket. He will eat every beautiful flower I have, ravish my veggie garden, and come at me with his antlers tossing from side to side if I try to chase him out of my yard. He has several mountains of meadows to graze but he has developed a taste for my prized flowers. He also has friends. Many friends who come with him and like a swarm of locusts, they destroy.

Do you know what this is? If not, you aren't taking time to smell the flowers. Or perhaps you close your eyes when you do. I recommend that you always keep your eyes open when doing that so a bee doesn't think the end of your nose is a predator.
This is a super macro shot of the heart of the rose pictured below.

Pretty little thing, isn't she?
My veggie garden is doing well. Thanks to the newspaper and grass clippings I am using this year.
I have cucumbers that are about 10 inches long, many Sweetmeat squash are beginning to grow too. My first round of potatoes could be taken up now but I'll wait a while longer so they can get some size. Tomatoes are still green, but parsley and dill are ready to use as well as green onions.
Rutabagas, Parsnips and corn are all coming along nicely too.
Isn't it just incredible that we can plant a dried up little seed and it grows a lush plant that produces more food for us? I'm still amazed at this miracle, just as I was when I was a little girl. God is so good to us.
You'll have to enlarge this to see better. The corn on the right and the patch of posies growing up the hillside are so pretty in the morning with the sun shining on them.

Sea Holly is an unusual plant. The foliage turns almost silvery and the blossom really isn't pretty at all but it attracts honeybees like crazy!
I happen to like unusual plants so I will be keeping this one. However I read that it reseeds easily and the root system is a monster so I will be moving it to an area where it can spread without causing too much trouble.
All for now.
Receive your Blessings!



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