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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I know I have posted pictures of this rose before but I just have to bless you with a few more this season. It is truly an amazing plant. It isn't bothered with aphids, slugs, rabbits, black spot, rust, fungus and even the deer don't bother it. I wonder if the Lord has sent Sentry's to guard it~~~
Many hundreds of blossoms so fragrant that when it is in full bloom I can smell the them from my back deck.

My second daughter Kathy Sue, gave me some of the cutest little elf figurines to add to a small area I had previously made into what I called Brownie Houses. Most of the old figurines had disintegrated and it needed redone, so this is what it looks like right now, and I am still adding things like plants, old mossy stumps, etc.

When I was a little girl, my cousin Carol and I played together all the time. We were neighbors and our grandma lived in a little house between us. Grandma was Irish and Scottish with a wild imagination and an incredible sense of humor. She told us stories, oh boy did she ever! Even ghost stories on cold stormy nights by the firelight that came from her wood cook stove. Mercy! Did we ever love that!!!

When we were being naughty, she would stare up at the corner of the room where ceiling and wall meet, and in a low voice growl, "Brownies in the corner.." We never saw anything but were convinced that grandma did, and would straighten up immediately. We didn't know what those brownies might do and didn't want to find out.

One day she gave us some little figurines to play with. I remember a man and woman dressed in Victorian clothes, and a few little animals. Well, I guess Grandmas imagination must have spilled over on us because we took the figurines outside and found a place under the Lilacs and snowberry bushes where the moss was thick, and placed the figurines around an used a piece of broken mirror for a pond. We left them over night and the next morning we found a few twigs had been added and some leaves. We were sure that brownies had come and were using our play area to make new homes.

Over the next several months Carol and I had a wonderful time adding to our Brownie Houses. I think we knew it was pretend but Grandma played along and even found little things for us to add. It was fun and is still a very precious memory.

I made one several years ago for my grand kids, and here I am making another one for my great grand kids to enjoy.

Thank you my sweet Kathy for inspiring me.

I think the little Brownies are so cute. I'm thinking about giving them names. Maybe Irish names.....

If you click the photo to enlarge you can see more detail.

This photo isn't very good. There is another brownie behind sleeping but it sort of messes up the front one. I need to find a better place for it.

This little guy is hanging over a slab of Petrified wood, offering a bouquet. His back side is just as cute as the front! My Ex-husband and I used to be 'Rock hounds' and collected a variety of pretty stones. To the left of the photo is a palm fossil.

Doesn't he look comfy? I'm glad the snail is not real. I love the pretty petunias and lobelia I have planted out there. I didn't plant all those little weedy things you see in the pictures, but they actually add to the scene! I am hoping to get Irish moss and a few other types started out there.

Well now you know what we do when we reach our second childhood!

Sorry I am not able to do much blogging lately . There is a load of work to do outside. I'm still working on making the new lawn besides making strawberry jam, chasing pups, etc, I am very busy.

God bless all.

Love and hugs!



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