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Monday, July 06, 2009

Last month I was trying to figure out what kind of plant I could put between three tall Arborvitae that have scads of tulips planted between them.
As you know, when the tulips finish blooming they look horrible and I thought if I planted something in front of them the ratty foliage would be hidden.
My daughter Cyndi suggested Daylilie's so I did some research. Then one day while talking to my friend Bonnie, she told me she ordered hers from a place in Missouri and sent me the URL.
OH MY GOSH!!! I had a really hard time whittling down my want list! LOL
I had no idea there were so many gorgeous Daylilie's. They aren't just orange or yellow anymore!
Here's what I ordered and have already received and planted and some are already growing green! Oh yes I should add, this company is very generous. They sent more than I ordered and paid for and even sent a free one as a gift. Will I be ordering again?
You betcha!

DOUBLE CHARM GROWS 18 to 24" tall with 4 to 5" blossoms and it blooms mid season. I ordered one but they sent two. I planted them one on the east side of my house one on each side of a purple Rhody that blooms at the same time.
Woodside Ruby is the one that will hide the ratty tulips and look wonderful between the deep green Arborvitae foliage. Is this incredibly gorgeous or what?
Did you know that Daylilie's are deer, slug and rabbit proof and easy to grow and care for? You don't even have to separate them for six or so years. My kind of posy!

This is the free one they sent me.
It's called Joan Senior but I would call it Serenity. It's white although it glows with a pink hue in this picture. I have to do some research on it but know it gets fairly tall and has large blossoms .

Entrapment grows to 26" tall and has 6" blossoms that are ruffled on the edges. The white stripes on three petals really make the purple stand out and the yellow throat too.

This little doll was a good choice. Stella D Oro is a mini Daylily. She grows to about 12 " tall and has 2 3/4" double yellow blossoms. She resembles a Daffodil and blooms from May-July.
I ordered five at $1.00 each and was sent 14! I planted them alongside the lawn with bright pink Rhody's which were donated by my daughter Patty, White Perennial Candytuft which were transplants from a garden we eliminated and I plan to add some Lithodora. These all bloom at the same time and should be so pretty together. I'm excited to see it!
Anyone interested in the very generous Daylily Farm send me an e-mail and I will give you the URL. You will love it!
My girls and I chopped out the willow root that was in the area where I am making new lawn. It was hard work but I'm delighted that it's gone. I mowed lawn today and used the mower to pack down the area where the stump was. I am going to wait until late summer to put the grass seed in. It's too hot and dry right now. By waiting, mother nature will help me with the watering chore!
Be blessed everyone.



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