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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Here are the dried seed pods of the patch of Columbine I posted earlier this summer. It has been a hot, dry summer and flowers are going to seed sooner than usual.
I have a hard time photographing the color red for some reason. This flower is known by the name of Lucifer Crocosmia but I refuse to call anything in my yard Lucifer. I prefer Cardinal Crocosmia. Isn't that much nicer?

Some thirsty little sparrows enjoyed a nice drink of water on a hot day. I learned that if you put a flat stone in the bottom of the bird bath the birds are more apt to use it. I also learned why birds won't go near my black birdbath. They don't like the color for some reason. I plan to paint mine green.

This merry little Marigold has not completely opened her petals. I think those still unfurled make her look like she has her hair in curlers.

Every garden has a few surprises. This one knocked my socks off!
Siamese Twin English Cucumbers. I sure never expected to see that!
I gave them to my sister Bonnie who loves Cucumber sandwiches. I hope it tastes good even if it is strange!
Here's a very happy picture. My great grandson Kenny celebrated his 6th last week end. I'm not kidding, this little guy had this beautiful smile throughout the entire party, especially while opening all his presents. :)

Here he is with his uncle and a friend enjoying a leggo set he got. I am amazed at how well he can put these things together.

I just got this Clematis this spring. It's called Paul II. Unfortunately the deer like to snack on them so I only have one blossom to enjoy. Hopefully next year will be better.

The blue Nigella and the birdbath are nearly the same color. The Phlox in the background is blooming nicely thanks to several applications of blood meal. Without it the deer would have eaten them to the ground long before now.

I know this is an odd thing to post but I am really curious.
I found it at the beach a few months ago and am fascinated with the textured pattern on it. It is much heavier than other stones this size and I'd sure like to know what it is and what made the pattern.
We were on water restriction last week because of an algae growing in the water pipes. The restriction has been lifted so I need to go out and water everything real good today. All my baby Lillies are crying for a drink of water!
God Bless all.



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