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Monday, July 27, 2009


I thought I'd give you a chuckle to begin with! :)
It has been very warm here so I have been staying inside as much as possible except for early morning and late evening when the temp's are around 82, and that's still too hot for me but I can at least pull a few weeds and water my gardens while the pups get some exercise. I never let them outside unless I'm there to keep an eye on them. Even though my entire back yard is fenced, the raccoon's and large birds would take them given the opportunity. I recently heard of an eagle nest that collapsed and there were 60 dog and cat collars found in it. Yes it really does happen. Several years ago a woman let her little dog off the leash at a rest stop near here and a large eagle snatched it up and carried it away.

Because it's been so hot I just had to post a snowy picture. This was taken in 96. As you can see my poor old dog wasn't sure just how he was supposed to relieve himself. You know, lifting the leg...
I had to shovel out an area for him, but I had to laugh at how perplexed he was. We got more snow after this picture was taken and it was up to my bottom before it stopped!

My oldest daughter and I took five of my great grandkid's for a day and one of the things we did was see a frisbee competition. I was amazed at how determined all the dogs were. This one actually 'flew' to catch the frisbee. I felt sorry for the little fat short legged dogs. Even though it was sort of funny to watch them galloping along with such hope in their eyes as the frisbee soared high overhead!

Hailee and Maddie found a shady spot to lay on their blanket and watch the competition. All the kids were so good and well behaved. I am very proud of them. Little ladies and gentlemen they were.

After the competition they all went swimming.
I like this shot of Maddie and Hailee.
It brings back a flood of memories. I remember wading with my sisters at the river while mom and dad fished, and years later watching my own children playing at the lake, then my grandchildren and now the great grandchildren.
Time goes by so fast. Enjoy each moment. It will never come again.

After swimming we had a picnic supper with fried chicken, pork*N Beans, rolls, chips, melon, cinnamon rolls, strawberries and blueberries and two cans of whipped cream which the kids enjoyed when Patty sprayed it into their mouth. They were all lined up, mouth's open wide like so many hungry birdlets!
It was a wonderful day.
I pray summer is treating you all well.
God bless you and yours.



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