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Thursday, August 13, 2009


After several days preparation and some HARD work my three daughters and I had a yard sale in my oldest daughter's yard. We had lots of customers and made more money than I thought we would, over $300. Of course we shopped too...:)
Here is my great grandson Dylan sorting shoes and slippers for his brother to display.

And here is his brother Tyson doing a super job of lining them all up neatly. These boys are incredible helpers.

Of course the kids had fun too. Choosing toys and trying on hats. Isn't Kenny cute?

At one o'clock everything went for half price. Here are Julia, Hailee and Kenny drawing attention to their sign.
It was hard work but still fun as a family project. Never the less, I am sooooo glad it's done and my attic is much neater now.

The house next door to the sale has a maple tree that is turning color and dropping leaves already. Is it really autumn?
Ok, now for my prayer request.
The day after the sale I woke up very sick and couldn't stop throwing up. My girls took me to emergency where I was given medication intravenously to stop the vomiting and another med for pain. Then the doctor ordered a cat scan to see what was going on. He found that my stomach was very inflamed which could have been the cause of the vomiting, but no definite diagnosis was given.
Now to see once again how the Lord works in our life... they also found a tumor on one of my kidneys. They weren't looking for it and were quite surprised that it was found. So am I!
The tumor is small, about the size of a marble. and I see a Urologist Friday to learn the plan of action. It will be surgically removed, this much I was already told.
We are praying there is no malignancy and I hope you will be praying with us.
In the meantime, I am still not feeling very well, my tummy doesn't want to settle down and my diet of saltines and water is not doing much to strengthen me. I haven't forgotten you and hope to be back soon.
God bless



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