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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Patty won two tickets to the Northwest Washington Fair and invited me to go with her. She has a torn ligament in her knee and I'm still getting strength back so we hobbled around and had a wonderful time! The flowers were past their prime but still pretty The grandstand show featured several events but our favorite was the draft horses. They had several teams out in the arena at the same time doing a freestyle. I am always amazed at how well behaved these sweet horses are and how gifted the handlers are. They drive these big beauties like a cadillac! Click to enlarge photos

Just look how sharp this team looks. They are so well kept and I can't imagine what it costs to feed them.
Another beautiful team, pulling, prancing and loving every minute of it. They look so proud.

Here's a team pulling their pretty blue wagon. The drivers usually have shirts to match their wagon and the ribbons etc on their team. They all looked so sharp we just had to applaud them!
I bought a new CD at the fair. It was playing at one of the booths. It's called HEAVENLY FLUTES with Atahualpa playing Christian songs on Pan Flute, with accompaniment. It is just beautiful!
I also tasted my first Shushy. Won't be doin' that again!
After the fair we went to I-Hop'S for chicken fried steak dinners! YUM

Another front yard visitor yesterday morning but take a good look. He is growing a tree out of his head! LOL!
Actually it is nearing rutting season and the bucks are rubbing their antlers against anything and everything to get the velvet off. It must be itchy because this one had a patch of blood at the base of it's antlers from trying so hard. I am hoping the bucks don't use my trees and shrubbery again for this purpose. They have destroyed so much already.

Look at this pretty little darling. I pick up bloomed out and sick plants at the nearby grocery and bring them home and nurse them back to health. It stays damp and cool at the north side of my house so I use it for a hospital bed. I'm so glad I got this one. See the beautiful shade of blue her eyes are? And yes, this is the actual color!

My veggie garden is producing although the green beans are very slow this year. I think you can see what I'll be having for supper.
Parsley & Buttered new potatoes (not all of them haha) with green onions, Sliced tomato with chive & sour cream, Green beans and sliced cucumber left over from the one I ate part of yesterday. All grown totally organic. No pesticides or other chemicals. I grow Marigolds, garlic and other herbs in the garden to control the aphids and slugs. Also take my shovel after the slugs. I think they hear me coming because I haven't found many lately!

My sister made this cute pregnant cake for our younger sister's baby shower several years ago. I just came across it and had to share. Isn't it a great idea? Sister Bonnie is very talented. She not only does cakes but her woodworking projects are incredible, and she paints too, and can fix cars. She is awesome!
Our youngest sister Barbara and her hubby lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for a few years and were able to get some really beautiful pictures. I don't know exactly where this was taken but it's a beaut!
About me:
I am feeling much stronger and the sick tummy is pretty much gone. I saw the surgeon's nurse practitioner who told me I have a large mass on top of the same kidney that has the tumor, but she said it doesn't look malignant. I'm not sure what they look for to determine that. I see the surgeon on the 4th and will ask to see the scan. I think because there is so much corruption in the world today I want to be sure there is really a problem with the kidney before I let them take it out. For all I know they may want to 'harvest' one for a friend or something. Yes I know I'm skeptical but isn't it a sign of the times?
Again I thank you for your prayers.
May He bless each of you and see to your every need.
Love & Hugs!



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