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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Birthday January 14, 1961
My dear Mikey, I still remember the surprise and delight when the doctor told me I had a son. After three girls I expected a fourth. Your daddy did a funny little jig down the hospital corridor when I told him he had a son. He couldn't see it, but my heart was dancing too.

When I close my eyes I can still feel the warmth of your newborn little body in my arms and I can still smell your sweet fragrance.

Mikey's first snow experience.

You weighed almost nine pounds and grew fast. You were always large for your age and strong. You amazed me at how fast you learned everything, except talking anyway. With three older sisters who thought you were their own baby doll you learned to just look in the direction of what you wanted and make a grunting sound and they all hopped. They loved sliding you around on the floor in a basket and pretending you were baby Moses.

Two and a half at Easter
Oh how you loved running in the fields and playing in the woods when we lived on the Chance Road. I used to take you and your sisters to the woods in the summertime to pick blackberries. I remember the time I found you poking them up your nose and had a miserable time removing them.

One of your favorite places was at the creek any time of year. You loved watching the small fishes darting beneath rocks and tossing leaves in the water to see them float away in he current. I believe your love of the forest began when we lived here.

Honey I remember the smell of your sweaty little head under my chin as I held you tight, and the feel of your crew cut as I ran my hand over it. I also remember how you would pat my back when I was holding you, like I was patting yours.

Cowboy Mikey at four and a half

When your three sisters were all in school and needed new clothes, I always tried to buy something special for you too. I think the cowboy outfit was your favorite. You looked so cute and were so very proud. The boots were your pride and joy and you used to wash them off every night and set them carefully beside your bed, a habit that did NOT follow you into your teenage years when you learned to dismantle car engines and taught me about engine grease.

Seven Years Old and A Scout At Last!

You took your scouting very seriously just like you did everything. Life was never just a game to you it was a challenge to be conquered whether it was organizing a fireworks display, planning a party or taking apart my vacuum cleaner. You always put everything you had into it. Even those silly jokes you played on everyone. Oh how I loved your sense of humor!

Well, most of the time.

Riding Danny Boy at Nine Years Old

Our move to Everson was both good and bad. We always missed our little ranch on the Chance Road but the house was larger at Everson. You even had your own room. We all made the best of it but it wasn't the same. One very good thing happened here, you got the baby brother you had always wanted and we added your pony Danny Boy to our family. You loved riding him up and down the road and through the fields until you got that dirt bike. Danny boy got fat then and you learned about speed.

Michael twelve with sister Patty

When I look at these photos now I realize just how fast the years have passed by. This picture was taken at the beginning of your 'hippy' days. At twelve you were still a little boy in so many ways, but with older sisters and their friends around, you wanted so much to feel like a part of the crowd. So the days of long hair and raggy pants began.

At fourteen and back in the snow.

Actually I couldn't keep you out of the snow. It didn't matter if it was just a fine dusting or knee deep, you were in your element rolling around in that white stuff until you had turned blue from the cold. You sure loved it when I had hot cocoa and homemade maple bars waiting when you came in. I can still see you all wrapped up in a warm blanket, sitting in front of the kitchen stove, feet on the warm oven door with maple frosting all over your face.

Seventeen and so proud of your new suit and hat.

I remember the walking stick you wanted so badly and you looked so cute prancing around all dressed up and swinging that stick like it was encrusted with diamonds. You were proud as a peacock!

Your favorite thing

I'm surprised that I don't have more pictures of you working on cars. You learned about car engines at a very young age and loved getting all that greasy gunk all over yourself. I wonder now if it may have had something to do with how your dad looked when he came home from a long day at work. you certainly adored him and always tried to be like him.

At Twenty Two checking out one of those car magazines you loved.

You had found something that you loved more than cars by this time. I remember when you brought her home to meet me. I loved her the first time I saw her and still do. Your wedding was beautiful and I'm so glad I got to make your wedding cake. I still think it was one of the prettiest I ever did.

Over the next years your three children were born. A son and two little girls that you loved so much. They and their mother were your life and Mike I never knew a man as devoted as you. The Lord gave you a loving spirit and you showed that throughout your whole life. You loved everyone, and everyone loved you, but your wife and children were on a pedestal. This is true devotion and I have always been so proud of you for it.

1991 Here you are at age 30.

This picture was taken at one of the family get togethers at my house. you are laying on the floor where you had been playing with the kids. Oh how they loved it when you grabbed at their ankles and tossed them to the floor and tickled them. You learned that from your dad, didn't you? This was another way to show your love for them. This is the last picture I took of you. If I had known it would be the last I would have taken many-many more.

Happy 49th birthday my dear son.

Loving you forever


Michael was taken from us on September 2, 1991 by a reckless driver.

Please drive responsibly.



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