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Saturday, February 26, 2011


A little feathered friend.
 I thought I would share a little of what's happening in my world this cold and dreary winter.
I keep birdseed in an old cookie sheet on the back deck and as you can see I have many visitors. Here a Dark Eyed Junco stands on the rail waiting for her turn.

I sat very still in front of the slider and took pictures through the glass. Any fast movement and the birds were gone in a flash´╗┐ of feathers and little bird poopies. This Stellar's Jay was especially nervous and no wonder. I have had a huge bald eagle hanging around.
 Song Sparrows are such sweet little birds. Not the show off type but their song brings Spring to life in this lady's heart! I am fascinated at how birds can get a seed in their beak, open it to eat the inside and discard the hull. How can they do that? If I put a whole peanut in my mouth and try that, I have to spit out the whole thing! Yes I did try. LOL

 The Rufus Sided Towhee is another shy little creature. It's brick red sides in contrast with the black and white coloring make this little fellow really stand out in the snow. His eyes are the same color as it's red sides. Enlarge the photo and see.

 Ok, now for the fur. This doe (in the back) had these twin fawns last summer. She kept them quite well hidden most of the summer but now with the freezing winter upon us and so little for them to forage they are coming to my front yard to eat the grass and whatever else they can find. There is very Little nutrition in it this time of year, but it's something to fill their tummy's. The babies still have most of their fuzzy winter coat although some is gone.

 Here are the kids, looking to see if I have apples for them. I can't believe I am feeding them. They will grow up and destroy more of my flowers and shrubs.
But for now, they are hungry babies and I have a mother's heart.

 Believe me, it's awfully hard to resist these hungry brown eyes. They don't come  close enough for me to touch them but do come within 4-5 feet, I think If I held out an apple they would take it from my hand. I will try that next time they come. A few days ago while sitting at my computer I saw something out of the corner of my eye and was very surprised to find mama deer walking up the stairs to my front deck. Patty said one day she will be knocking at my door.

 Mama and her babies have finished the apples and are wandering up to the old apple tree where several large patches of English Violets grow. I love the way Violets smell. Deer love the way they taste! I will put blood meal around them after the deer have other things to eat. That will discourage them so I will have a few violets to enjoy.

 Another kind of fur

Sir Tudie says, "I want winter to go away!! It's too cold." Here he is burrowed down into my blankets, head on my pillow too. I bathe him and Matilda often because I won't want to wake up smelling like a dog. Isn't he cute though?
It has been quite cold here, in the teens with snow and ice all over. It's snowing again now as I type. A light dancing sort of snow, softly drifting whichever way the breeze carries it. It's a lazy day. I think I will do what Tudie is doing.

As I look out at the snow and feel the chill of winter´╗┐, I remind myself that in about two months, just 8 short weeks, my Gravenstein apple tree will be blooming once again, just as it has for about seventy-five years. Blossoms give me hope. Hope for another beautiful spring, hope for my country, hope for all those I love.
Please remember to hold my friend John up in prayer. He sees his doctor on the 4th.



Blogger Ozkatt said...

What fabulous photos of the deer, MM. They certainly aren't all that afraid, are they? It's amazimg whst food achieves.

Snow...brrr. Our temps are in the low 30s C and it's very humid. Typical for this time of the year, though and I'd have the heat any day rather than the cold.

Prayers and thoughts to John for 04.

Anonymous Patty-Jo said...

Sure you don't want me to bring you some deer kibble? Those big brown eyes must be hard to resist. Beautiful pictures Mom.

Anonymous Wild about Whidbey said...

Such a lovely post! Aren't you glad now that the thaw is coming?
Spring is less than a month away.
I know the critters will be happy, too. Hope your friend is doing better. A lot of people are praying for him!

Blogger Granny Annie said...

Beautiful post of awakenings:) Yes, John still in my prayers.

Blogger Rachel said...

I love feeding birds. Hard to do here with all the cats and no trees though.

I love that the deer come so close. Oh, I'd be feeding them too!!

Sir Tudie has the right idea I think!! So cute all snuggled down under the covers!!

It's pretty mild here today and I'm glad!

Praying for John and hope it's all good news.

Blogger Merle said...

Dear Bev ~~ Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the jokes as I hope your friend also enjoyed
them. Take care my friend, Love Merle

Blogger A Joyful Chaos said...

Great photos! We didn't put out a birdfeeder this winter and I missed it.

Looking forward to seeing all the pretty spring blossoms. Apple blossoms are especially lovely.


Blogger PEA said...

So, has mama deer knocked on your door yet and ask if you want to come out and play?? hehe Oh Bev, they are such gorgeous creatures and I wouldn't be able to resist feeding them either. I can never resist eyes like that, they are all of God's creatures and deserve to be fed if hungry:-)

Loved all your bird pictures as well. I also put out tons of seeds for the birds over here, they'll never grow hungry, that's for sure! lol

It's been very cold over here as well but right now it's 23F which is milder than it's been lately! We have so much snow and more is on the way tonight as a snowstorm is supposed to hit sometime after dinner time. Sigh. I want Spring NOW! lol

Take good care of yourself, my friend!! xoxo

Blogger Kerri said...

I love this post, Bev. Your photos are wonderful. What great shots you got of the birds. The stellar's Jay is beautiful, and yes, song sparrow's are so sweet and their song is one of the joys of spring. Lucky you to see the Towhee. I've seen one just once in the big maple out front. Juncos are our little snow birds. We love to watch their antics as they dig in the snow.
Your deer family sure are beautiful, as is you little pooch :)
Ah...the anticipation of apple blossoms...so sweet. Soon! Thanks for the reminder :)


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