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Monday, July 02, 2012


The gorgeous pink Peony my daughter Kathy gave me bloomed beautifully this year. Unfortunately I didn't tie it up well enough and the stems are not strong enough to support the huge, heavy blossoms. I need to get some large size tomato cages. They work wonderfully to hold Peony's upright.

Strawberry season is nearly finished so the berries are smaller but they still taste good. I gave a lot away but finally decided I should have at least one good shortcake before the season ends.

 I made old fashioned shortcake biscuits like my mother made and used real whipped cream, not that artificial stuff. My-oh-my, this is some good eating!

 This beat up old galvanized bucket had been kicking around here for a long time. I bought some Ganzia's a few weeks ago and stuck them in the bucket with a pale lavender Lobelia. It looks sort of lopsided but I think it works with this rustic container.

I found this picture on the internet and had to use it. This is what my hands look like most of the time. I have a big yard and lots of gardens so my hands are in the dirt a lot. I wear latex golves but like today, I wear holes in the finger tips. Nevertheless, I love getting my hands in the soft warm earth. I love how it feels to squeeze a lump of soil and have it give away in my hand and fall through my fingers. I love pulling weeds when they come up easy. It wonderful therapy.
Well I better stop. I need to go empty the wheelbarrow and chop out some mean blackberry vines that are trying to strangle my yellow honeysuckle.

Wishing you a happy and save Independence Day. God Bless



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