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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Concerning my previous post, I want to say that I know how ugly and distasteful the topic of abortion is and I realize there are many good Christian conservative's who feel just as strongly as I do about it.
Unfortunately, because it is so horrible, and makes us feel depressed, we tend to 'look the other way' instead of facing it head-on and doing all we can to stop this insanity.
We are too quick to become complacent, which is actually acceptance, instead of fighting it with all the fervency we would if it were our own child about to be murdered.

So when election time comes around again get off your duff and VOTE for the RIGHT candidates. Call all your friends, family, etc, and remind them to vote.
There are more Christian Conservatives than there are heathen liberals so the only reason I can see that abortionist's are becoming wealthy by killing our babies is that too many God fearing Christians have become lazy and are leaving it all to the 'other guy.'
I'm sure glad Jesus didn't 'leave it to the other guy'

We have to fight for what is right.
There is a war against terrorism happening in forign countries right now.
If our little butchered babies could talk, they would tell you there is terrorism happening right now, every day in our hospitals and abortion clinics.
Their blood cries out for us to fight this war just as our troops are fighting for us in Iraq.

With a short training course you can volunteer to counsel girls who are considering abortion.
Call your local churches and ask what you can do to help stop this hateful slaughter.
Who knows, someday your Great-great granddaughter may thank you.



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