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Sunday, April 01, 2007


We have had several beautiful, sunny days here in Bellingham. For those of you who do not experience the long, rainy and dreary days of a Pacific Northwest winter, I can only say that the precious days of Spring make we rusty Washington residents nearly squeal with delight.

This morning it was clouded over and when I let the dogs out I noticed a fine mist. It's Spring. That 's to be expected. As I was making a pot of coffee, the dogs came running back in the house and I looked out to see what had frightened them.

It was hailing. I stood at the door and just stared at the awful stuff, then came the snow and more rain and hail. It was coming down with such force that the hail was bouncing on my deck floor like hundreds of small white marbles doing some crazy dance.

The wind began to roar around the evergreen trees and my neighbors black cat gave up the hunt and ran for cover. It was at this moment I heard the low, groaning voice, I recognized as Old Man Winter..........................


Ok, ok, so there was no voice, but it did snow and hail and rain.

It is hard to see the snow and hail in the picture, but it's there! Click on the picture to enlarge it and it's very obvious.



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