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Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday 11:40 pm

This afternoon the hospital in Seattle tried to wean Ethan off the Phenobarbitol but he had two more seizures. So they put him back on it and another anti seizure med.

In the morning they plan to do an EG(?)I'm not sure what this is, and MRI, I know they are doing other tests as well. They are also going to swab every orfice of his body tomorrow and test for any bacterial or viral infection. They are doing everything they can. I am praying the Lord will give them wisdom, even supernatural wisdom to find what is causing the seizures, and guide them to find the right cure.

Ethan's parents are staying at the hospital with their little son and there is even a large bed in the babys room for them.

This precious little child will be one week old tomorrow morning.

Again I thank each one of you for your loving concern and your prayers.

I know Ethan's mama and daddy are very thankful too.



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