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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The end of May and through June are the time of the Iris here in Bellingham. I love them because they are easy to grow and it takes very little to keep them happy and blooming year after year. Mine need to be separated this fall. When the rhizomes become too crowded they don't bloom well. So come fall, I will be out there with my shovel prying them apart.
I have a few more Iris that I didn't get pictures of this year. One a peachy pink color and another which is a very deep purple. They are gorgeous.

I have to admit that I don't know the names of these lovely Iris and I don't even remember where most of them came from, but when I see the flowers, I know the Lord said, "Lets put some flowers here for Bev." He's so sweet!

This is a rather odd looking little guy. I remember finding the parent tubers in a gravel pit near my house many years ago. I knew it had to be some sort of Iris so brought it home and planted it. Now I can't seem to get rid of it. It grows and grows and grows! And so do the seeds!

This is my newest Iris. She looks all white but actually has just the slightest hint of lavender. My daughter is getting rid of a lot of her
gardens so I brought this home not knowing what color it would be. I am so glad I did. I think it's beautiful!
(I'm using Picasa today and don't know why it's underlining???

This purple bearded Iris has the true Iris shape, which is what the fleur-de-lis was patterned after. I love the variety of colors Iris give. Also the stems are strong and don't flop over to the ground in the first wind. The flowers are wonderful in bouquets too,
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