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Wednesday, July 25, 2007



for several years I have had repeated sinus infections, sometimes lasting a month or longer, often requiring antibiotics. Unfortunately I was only symptom free for a few weeks before it was back.

I had come to the conclusion that this was my 'lot' in life and tried to accept it. I thought my immune system was messed up and I was just going to be suseptable to infection.

Then last winter I remembered something my mother taught me way back in 1964. My little boy Mikey who was three and a half had been having frequent colds and had a hearing loss of 75% in his right ear and 35% in his left. His pediatrician suggested an allergy specialist, so the poor little guy went through all the allergy tests and then a spring and summer of antigen shots, which were supposed to cure him. He was ok for about five weeks, but when winter came the colds started all over again and the allergy specialist said he had to repeat the tests. Mikey started to cry, the nurse told Mikey to "shut-up" and I told the nurse where to put her syringes.

I took Mikey home and remembered my mother's advice. At the onset of Mikey's problem she suggested I get some Acerola vitamin C and some raw honey and give it to him twice a day. I thought she was really old fashioned, and took him to the specialist instead.

I talked to mom about it again and within the next few days I found a place where I could buy honey that had not been heated, but was extracted naturally and just as important, it was produced within ten miles of where we lived. This way the bees were collecting pollens from flowers and weeds that grew in our yard. It was all these pollens that the honey would be immunizing Mikey from. I also bought some of the Acerola vitamin C made from Rose Hips that mom suggested and began a twice a day routine. A tablespoon of honey and four or so of the chewable 100 mg vitamin C. tablets each morning and night. Believe me, Mikey liked this much better than the shots and that hateful nurse.

Within a weeks time, Mikey's nose had pretty much stopped running. Within three weeks there wasn't a sign of a cold. After six weeks, his hearing was normal and he was a very happy little guy. I cut back on the Vitamin C and Honey after the six weeks and only used it about once a week after that, and eventually I stopped, only using it again for a few weeks at a time when he started having any symptoms.

It worked for Mikey!

Since I've been using Mom's cure I have not had one single sinus infection until two days ago. I cut back on the treatment thinking I didn't need as much. I have sniffles today. I bought two more quarts of natural honey today.

Can honey cure infections? I don't know, but I do know that it can stop the allergy symptoms which cause inflamation in my sinus passages which are a warm, damp environment where infections like to grow.

I can't promise this treatment will work for you but it's worth a try.

Note: Raw honey is pure. Bacteria cannot live in it.

I'm not a doctor, so I can't prescribe for you. Before you try it I do suggest you ask your doctor if it can cause you any problems.



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