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Monday, February 25, 2008


Animal lovers obviously run in my family! Here is my grandson Luke at five years old, feeding Buttercup with a baby bottle. They both look pretty happy with the arrangement too.

Luke's mommy is my second daughter, Kathy, who has had her share of pets too. She has been very lenient by allowing her children to have their choice of pets, even allowing her youngest son to have boa's, one of which got loose in the house and was never found. Can you imagine that?!

Kathy is one of the bravest women I have ever known. She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. If a snake got loose in my house I'd move out until it was found. My kids knew better than to ask if they could have a pet snake because they know that I am terrified of the things. The closest we ever came to having a slithery thing in the house was my ex husband.... no, no, that's not nice. Actually it was when my youngest son found a salamander he named Charlie Quick, and kept it in an aquarium in his room until it died. I felt sorry for it but was glad it was no longer a part of my family.

What unusual pets have you had?



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