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Thursday, February 28, 2008


This early morning pea soup fog started the day out on a dreary note.

Later in the day, the fog lifted and the sun came out casting rays of encouragement on this winter worn old gal. I finally pulled out the garden tools and began the long and hard job of cleaning the yard of last years flower stalks and the tree branches that blew down throughout the winter. Ohhhhh! My aching back! I need a better saw!

This brush pile looks small here compared to how big it actually is. It will take many wheelbarrow loads to get it all hauled away.

After I got this area cleaned out I was so happy with how nice it looked. Several years ago all my family came and cleared out this area which was overgrown thick with blackberry vines and brush of all kinds. They dug a walk way and graveled it, and made it look like a park. I have a little table and some benches there in a graveled area they made. It's shaded with wild cherry trees and there is a woods behind it with lots of little furry friends. I have planted daffodils and tulips, primroses and violets, and many other flowers and shrubs all around, trying to make it look as natural as I can. I love it!

Isn't this a sweet little crocus? I call her the Glory of Spring. Oh, the Lord must have had such a good time designing all His beautiful flowers.
Click on the pictures for a better view.

Here's another crocus. I guess I'd call it my Little Spring Sweetheart. Just look how the yellow center has a halo of white and trimmed in lavender. Isn't it just gorgeous?

I don't remember exactly what the name of this one is but it's a miniature iris of some sort. It's only about six inches tall but isn't it exotic looking?

Oh yes, my favorite flower of all, the English Violet. I have several patches all over my yard. When I walked to this patch I could smell their wonderful fragrance long before I got to them. This is the month they bloom best although mine have put out a few flowers all winter. Now the blossoms are larger, and so fragrant it can actually make my head swim. (well maybe that is hyperventilation from sniffing too much LOL)I brought a tiny bouquet in the house and my pups were curious so I held them down so they could smell them. Tudie just walked away but my little Tildy tried to eat them. Yes they smell that good! LOL

After a hard days work I had to sit a while and catch my breath. I had put the tiny bouquet of violets in a little vase my dad gave me years ago. When I was rested my thoughts turned to tea of course, and I remembered the fig cookies in the cupboard. It seemed like the right time to use my special tea pot and china cup and saucer with violets on them, so I did.

Now I did not look like one of those fancy ladies we see in pictures. My hair was falling out of the bun and my shirt was spotted with dirt and bits of brush, my fingernails had not gotten totally clean and needed a manicure, my feet were bare and a little cold, but I sat on my couch with my Yorkies, and as I sipped my tea and nibbled the cookies, I pretended I was a real lady and not a hard working old great grandma that grunts from the effort every time she bends over.




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