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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This interesting metal sculpture is in the front yard of a house a few blocks from me. I don't know where all the parts came from but I must say someone has a good imagination!
Here's another piece. Notice the bike seat has been made in to a bird, This piece of art also sits proudly in the creator's front yard. Interesting, isn't it?

GUESS WHO CAME FOR DINNER? This is the Blue Heron that feasted on my goldfish a few years ago. Now I have another one visiting Mountain Mama's "Fly In Cafe" The end of last week I looked out my kitchen window to see a huge bird standing in the middle of my pond. I know what it was doing. He ate most of my goldfish. I covered the pond with fish net so if he can't get in there again. Unfortunately I have only seen one goldfish since he dined. There was at least twenty before the Heron came.

Notice how big this bird is. The solar lamp beside it is about two and a half foot tall.

I love this picture of my Tudie looking out the window. It was taken some time ago, but he still stands up on the arm of the chairs in order to see what's happening in the big world outside.

I sure love this little critter!

Ok, here's an interesting blossom. I bet no one will be able to guess what it is!


On Sunday I made up a new recipe. I love it and Patty-Jo suggested I write it down so I don't forget. I think some of you might like to give it a try too.

I had some of last years Fugi Apple harvest in my crisper drawer that were beginning to look more wrinkled than me, so I peeled and sliced them.

In a 9X13 baking pan, I melted a cube of butter, then stirred in about a cup and a half of brown sugar. After it was all mixed, I added a cup of chopped pecans. (It's sort of sounding like Pecan Praline's, isn't it?) YUM!

I layed the sliced apples over top

Then I mixed up a spice cake mix according to directions except I only added two tablespoons of oil instead of the half cup it calls for. I also added a teaspoon of cinnamon, a half teaspoon cloves and a teaspoon allspice. (Store bought cake mixes never have enough spice for me). After the cake was mixed well I poured it over top the apples, and baked it at 350 degrees for about half an hour. I tested with a toothpick to be sure the center was done.

As soon as it came from the oven I inverted it on a large cooky sheet, and had an Upside Down Pecan Praline, Apple Spice cake. I can't describe the fragrance, but if you can try to imagine caramel apples with spice, that's pretty close.

I wasn't going to admit this but I tried to do a Paula Deen, you know how she always tastes her recipes while they are still steaming? Well don't ever do that. My tongue is still sore. We can't believe everything we see on TV!

After it had cooled a bit, I had a big piece with cool whip. Delicious!

This is a recipe worth trying. And you can use any flavor cake you want.

Well this is all for now. I hope you are having a really great week, and you and yours are well.

Don't forget to say your prayers.




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