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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wishing Well and blossoms

Look at what my Patty-Jo and her son John who is 17 brought me! And it's big. Someone had it in their front yard as a give away.
I am still amazed that John carried it all the way to the back yard for me. He just sort of stuck his head and shoulders into it and away he went.
I am always astounded at the strength of a man, and so delighted that he would use this strength to make his grandma happy. What a fine young man he is!
Now the question. I'm hoping for suggestions as to what I should plant in it. It measures about 2 foot across and the only thing I am planning for it so far is some cucumbers that I have started. I would like some flowers with them. Any ideas?

I have been doing a LOT of yard work which is usual for this time of year. But a few days ago the sun was very bright and the thermometer read 60 degrees and I needed some R&R, so took my camera outside for some posy photos. Believe it or not, this is a tulip. I have another like it that is yellow. They look like a Peony or rose. I think they are fascinating.

I have a nice little garden with all kinds of daffodils. I think this one looks very proud of itself. I love the blue sky behind it.

More tulips. I seem to have a lot of yellow and orange colored ones. Don't they just jump right out and say 'Howdy!'

Several years ago my daughter and her husband were living in a home with this weeping cherry tree in front. She didn't like it so her hubby dug it up and brought it to me. (I have never turned down anything that has a flower on it.) He even planted it for me in the front yard which took some serious digging.

A few years ago my family re-landscaped my front yard for me and the Cherry had to be moved to the back yard. He and a friend of his daughter did that job for me too.

It has taken a few years for it to be happy again, but just look at the lovely blossoms it is blessing me with this year.

When I look around my yard and see all the beautiful flowers and shrubs and trees, I feel absolutely blessed.

Thank you precious Father for all of your glorious gifts.



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