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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thank you Leann for the lovely rose award. How sweet of you to think of me. I am delighted!
This distinguished looking gentleman, James Jenner, is my son-in law's great grandpa. Can anyone tell me anything about the uniform he is wearing, like what war, etc., he served in. I know he was born in the late 1800, lived in Canada, and am tring to do a genealogy report on his family.
On Thursday I dug out hundreds of weeds then planted 30 primroses and pansies in one of my upper gardens. They look so colorful it made my heart sing!
On Friday we got a little snow. On saturday we got a LOT of snow.
This picture was taken Saturday when it had just begun to snow and the flakes were huge, some the size of a lemon. It piled up fast. My pretty posies were totally buried. The snow was gone by late afternoon and today the flowers look just fine.
Sigh of relief!!
This picture of Julia was taken before the recital. Isn't she a cute nine year old. She knew her dance steps so well too.
Patty-Jo and I were having a terrible time trying to decide what to do on Saturday. We wanted to drive to the country to see Julia and Hailee's dance recital, but neither of us wanted to take a chance on getting stuck in a snow bank.
Enter Son-In-Law #1, John. He bravely drove us out. He's a good driver. Thank you John for giving up your afternoon for us. I won't forget.
Several years ago he drove us all the way from Duluth to Bellingham. Another time when I was visiting them in SanDiego, he took me for a ride to Yuma so I could experience the desert. I won't forget that either. I love the desert!

And here is our pretty miss Hailee. Dance is so good for children. They learn balance and grace. What kid can't use that?Hailee danced just beautifully. Speaking of grace, she brings the word to life!

Here is the group they danced with. Hailee is standing, far left and Julia is standing in back third from left. Their Nana is getting a video of the entire recital and I'm looking forward to seeing it without a camera in front of my nose. You know how it is. The photographer never gets to see the show!!

Here is a cute little posy I thought you'd want to see. The Parrot flower (Impatients Psittacina) was discovered in Burma in 1899 and is only found in certain portions of Burma and Thailand. It's quite rare and difficult to grow. Isn't it a sweet little flower? I'd like to try growing some but it is forbidden to export the seed.

It sort of reminds me of a ballerina, but maybe it's because I have dancing in my head right now.

Well my dear friends, it's Sunday evening and ten minutes to nine. I did more yard work today as I have decided to landscape an area beside my upper pond, and I am really tired so need to log off and get my nightie on.

I forgot to ask for prayer too because I have a sliver or something in my pointy finger. I saw the Doc on Friday and he tried to dig it out but said he couldn't find anything. It hurt like blue blazes so I don't want to do that again, but it's still quite swollen and he wants me to see a surgeon. Can you imagine? All that for a stupid sliver. I pray the Lord will just make it go away.



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