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Monday, March 10, 2008

Here's her pretty cake

She got to grab a handful of frosting, and of course she put it in her mouth. She liked it too. Really liked it.

But she didn't like it one little bit when her grandpa took the cake away to make room for gifts.

When the gifts were unwrapped she forgot about the cake. Just look at that happy smile!

She had lots of help with the unwraping.

Time for cake and ice cream. You can tell kids live here. See the dolly and other toys among the treats?

I'd say Victoria is one tickled little one year old. I love this picture. Her sister is enjoying her gift bag toys.

Cousin Ethan Michael is giving Victoria a birthday kiss. His mommy says he loves to kiss. He proved it by kissing Victoria several times.

It looks like he really liked her hair do too.

Hey everyone, I'm a big girl now. Got a new hair do, had my first birthday party and I've been kissed.

Oh my, life is so good!



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