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Friday, June 13, 2008


Look what BigDadGib made for me. Isn't it nice? He made five but this is my favorite. If I knew how I would put it in my side bar. Thank you dear friend!!! Gib drives a big red truck. You might see him on the road sometime. Meet the Pansy Family!
This is a plant that another bird brought in. It was one of those unplanned blessings. This, on the other hand is not a blessing at all. My daughter Patty, identified these nasty worms as the larvae of the Viburnum Leaf beetle. I took these pictures to show you what kind of damage they do. My snowball tree is about 99% defoliated. I noticed a few bad looking leaves a few weeks ago but didn't look into it. I should have. These critters work fast!
I went to the garden store today and they told me the only thing to get rid of these little beast's is an insecticide. This is something I have never used before in my life, but I'm afraid I will have to this time. (God protect the bee's) These worms are also attacking my apple trees. I am concerned they will spread to my neighbors yards too. I don't know where all these horrid pests come from but I sure know where I wish they would go!
Here's my poor Snowball tree. If you enlarge the photo you will see there is a small amount of green left at the top. I started this tree several years ago from a piece off my mothers, so it is special.

Here's something a little more pleasant to look at. My lovely double lavender Rhody, surrounded by purple Columbine. I like this picture so much I have it on my desktop.

Happy week-end everyone and may the Lord bless you and yours.



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