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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I love this picture of the kids making a scare crow.
Several years ago I made one just for the fun of it. The crows around here use them for a resting place.
I nailed some poles together and tied on some old pillows for a bust and rear end. I used one of those styrofoam heads they put wigs on and painted a face on her, then put a stretchy fabric purple with white polka dots dress and a big black wig on it. I have to say that when the breeze blew the hair and dress around it looked pretty real to me.
That summer I spent a month or so in Sad Diego with one of my daughters and her family. While I was gone, my brother in law, who lives next door, brought his cam corder over and interviewed my scarecrow, who he called Oprah. I never got to see the interview, but sure wish I had.

I have a new flower in my garden! I saw it growing there last year and planned to pull it up. I have a lot of the wild type purple Lupine and didn't want any more, and especially not in this particular garden. I believe lupine is a biennial meaning it gets it's growth the first year and blooms the second, so I didn't see it's flowers last year. Anyhow, I never got around to pulling it up and just look what it did for me this year! It's quite large and has about seven flower stalks.You may wonder how it got there if I didn't plant it. Well you see, a few years ago there was this hungry little bird who swiped a few seeds from someone's yard. When he came to visit me, he left a 'deposit' already fertilized in the very garden where this new plant is flourishing.

Just imagine, the Lord instructed the little bird to do this just so I could have a nice surprise. My Lord loves me a lot.


Have a great rest of the week, and please remember to pray for our troops as well as our country's leaders.

God Bless



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