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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Tonight I am posting something I did several months ago. I shopped all day and am just getting over a two week virus so am too tired to think up something original. Besides, I like this one!

"As I drove up the street where I lived as a child, the sun was setting and cast a pink, orange glow on the old house and I remembered........no, it was actually more of a feeling, how it was at the end of a warm summer day of hard play, beginning to tire but not wanting the day to end. Running down the gravel road with my sister Bonnie and our cousin Carol. It isn't dark yet but the sun is setting and casts a colorful glow on our world. The trees, the houses, everything looks different, even the grass. I saw the sunset colors in my sisters brown, wavy hair and in cousin Carol's blue eyes. As we ran and skipped through the golden glow our world had become a place of fantasy.

We not only saw the colors but we were enveloped, embraced by the warm glow. We could actually "feel" the sunset. The color penetrated deep into our soul.

When the sun is setting all the color radiated from the heavens embraces our world, and is hugging us goodnight with an everlasting memory.

Our Heavenly Father shows his love in many ways. He even hugs us with sunsets.



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