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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Above is the plaque I told you about. My sister Bonnie made it for me. Notice Zephaniah 3:17. "He sings over me!! " I love knowing this and I love the plaque. My sister Bonnie is very talented. I am showing some of the other things she made for me below.

Above is a replica of our grandma Banks' farm house. It didn't sit up high like this but in order for her to have the stairs attached that went to the outhouse she had to set it up a bit. I set the little Irish and Scottish men at the door, This grandma was German. Our maternal grandma was Scottish and Irish.
Bonnie attached hundreds of tiny cedar shingles to the sides and roof just like grandma' house. It must have been very time consuming and tedious work.
There are dozens of stories I could tell you about this quaint little farm house but it would take a book.
One thing that stands out is her wood cook stove. There was always something cooking. Sometimes we could see it's legs and yellow scaly feet sticking out of the pot. Grandma cooked her chickens with feet on because they were eaten too. Other times a pigs head stared up from the steaming kettle. Not much went to waste at her house.
She didn't have water in the house but had two open wells where water was drawn up by the bucketful, and carried to the house. If there was anything
in the water she would fish it out. We all drank from that bucket using a dipper that hung on a nail nearby. We didn't get sick either.
Her kitchen sink always smelled like Fels* Naptha soap and coffee grounds.
My sisters and I have some very precious memories of our visits there.

This is why grandma had stairs going down the side of the house. She had a two holer which was handy if more than one had to go. One time we found grandma and uncle Oscar sharing the throne.
Bonnie made amazing replicas of them in this cute little outhouse, complete with toilet paper. I didn't get a very good picture but I have to say the couple you see here sure resemble Grandma and Uncle Oscar.

She also made this beautiful Alaska white cedar chest for me, She is so clever! She even made a little pocket and painted my nick-name on it. The pocket and flowers are all carved and the lid is rounded.
I absolutely treasure these works of art. I am so proud of my sister for many reasons. Her talent is just one. Bonnie is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. she is just full of love and kindness.
I thank God for giving me such a precious sister.



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