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Sunday, April 11, 2010


I don't think I'm this old yet. LOL!

I snagged this from the net. Don't they look sweet?
I wonder if the blue color is natural or photo shop?
Another glorious sunset, I would never get tired of seeing them.

A friendly butterfly, (painted Lady I think) sunning herself.

When Sir Toodles was a puppy he loved to sleep in this basket. I put the fluffy fabric in for him and he was right at home. He looks a little perturbed at being disturbed. LOL

This is an oldie! See all the ladies are wearing aprons. They were making a holiday dinner, probably Thanksgiving. Three are my father's sisters, Pauline, Vivian and Phyllis Banks and the cute little pregnant lady second from the right is my mother Irene. Guess who is in her tummy?
Yep, it's me! It was taken in 1938
In 1985 my mom and I crocheted dozens of ornaments, Doilies, baskets, fans, containers, picture frames, bells and I don't know what all. We ever crocheted bottle cozies. I wore out a steel crochet hook in the process. We took our craft to a fair and sold a lot, then put some in a consignment shop. It was a fun project and I am so glad mom and I could do it together!

Isn't he pretty? His antlers are growing and in velvet. He looks so proud.
Actually he was probably feeling quite satisfied too because he had been eating my flowers
I am asking for prayer for our friend Mary who had a heart attack and is going to have surgery.
And for my friend John who is suffering with that horrid cold right now, also his PSA numbers took a hike from 26 to 41 so if you are led to hold him up it is very appreciated.
God bless you all.



Blogger Granny Annie said...

Love the cartoon! Wonder about the birds also. We saw doggies like the one in the basket yesterday running loose in the area. They appeared to know where they were going but no one seemed to be looking for them. I can't imagine anyone would dump good dogs like those but they dump all kinds of animals out here.

Mary is in my prayers already. Can't believe she has so much ahead of her but speaking from my own experience, she'll be much better soon than she has been in years.

Glad you got rid of Haloscan.

Anonymous Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Love the post today, made me smile !
Mary is in my prayers too, won't be easy for a while then she will feel better that's a promise.
Take care

Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Love that cartoon, MM and the butterfly is beautiful.

Prayers for Mary and John...high PSA, ooh, worrying.

Blogger Ralph said...

Great cartoon. I don't think anyone could ever get tired of that sunset - that is amazing.

Blogger Susie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments. I enjoyed scrolling down and looking thru yours.

The pic of the birdies is cute for sure!

Blogger Susie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments. I enjoyed scrolling down and looking thru yours.

The pic of the birdies is cute for sure!

Blogger PEA said...

Omigosh, that cartoon is just too funny! LOL I must save it!

Those look like Eastern Bluebirds in the middle, they have blue and brown colouring. With photoshop, though, these days you never know what picture is real or not anymore! lol

Such a gorgeous sunset!! You really got a great shot of that butterfly as well. Sir Toodles looks quite comfy in that basket:-)

Such a wonderful picture to have of your mom when she was pregnant for you! Look at all those crocheted items you and your mom had made for the craft fair!! I can well imagine how much fun you both had:-)

Deer are such beautiful animals but I've heard they love to eat flowers so I guess they're not good to have in your yard! lol

My prayers continue for Mary as she goes through her heart surgery on Monday. xoxo

Blogger linda may said...

The little birds are not photo shopped. I don't know what they are called but the ones with the spots under their wings and the striped tails are little Aussie natives called Zebra finches. They are tiny and delicate and live in the outback.So I guess their blue perch mates are finches too.There are some beautiful colored and patterned finches. I used to have Zebra finches in an aviary years ago.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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