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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Another fun sister day. We are so blessed to have so many fun times together. Thank you Lord!!!!!
!!! If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can read about this beautiful trail of ancient trees.
I only walked a short distance but far enough to see some of these magnificent evergreens. It was awesome to walk among them. The small trees in this picture must be great great great grandchildren of the sentinels!
Here are some of the larger trees. The one in the back looks so stately. Just imagine all the storms it has weathered. You will notice that the trees in this area are covered with many years growth of moss, some draping down and resembling Spanish moss. This place was on the way to Baker Lake.

And here she is in all her glory! The water level is very low and we could see to the bottom in several places. This lake was made over a logged out area and there are thousands of stumps under water making fishing a really tricky sport. Nevertheless, fishermen and campers flock to this lake when fishing season opens. I have fished it myself a few times but didn't catch anything but snags!

Looking to the tan area on the other side of the water are many stumps and logs. The lake is usually so full of water that not many of these are visible.

Here is a closer view of all the stumps and logs. This is usually all water. I heard that because we haven't had the usual amount of snow, water levels are low in many places. Makes sense to me.

As we drove up the very bumpy dirt road my sister and I were trying to capture as many pictures as we could. without poking our eyes out with our cameras. Here is another shot of the heavy moss on the branches. The sun shining through it gives it an interesting appearance.

On the way back we stopped to see a herd of elk that were resting beneath some trees. (Click to enlarge)I think there were around thirty of them. A kind lady let me use her binoculars so I could see them better. She said that a few days before, there were around eighty elk out there, some even came up close to the fence. These are BIG critters!

Here's another one to enlarge. This mountain seems to have plenty of snow. When I see mountains covered with white it always reminds me of a vanilla ice cream cone.
This is a photo of a very common Northwest Washington species called "hitabumpdidntya"
St. Paddy's day is coming and I have to practice. :)



Anonymous Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Gorgeous views!!!

Blogger Jo said...

Such beautiful pictures. I remember when we lived in southern California many moons ago standing in my front yard in 70 degree weather and in the distance be able to see a majestic snow covered mountain much like the one you have pictured. As for the last picture.... It sure does look a lot like some of the many pictures JD and I take around here. :o) Have a great rest of the week.

Anonymous Patty said...

Hi Mom. Beautiful photos, as always. I'm glad you and Aunties B & B had another day together. Each one is a blessing, isn't it. Finals week is around the corner, and then a week off. Yea! Love you.

Blogger Ralph said...

Sounds like you had a great day and took some amazing pictures as well.

Blogger Kerri said...

Bev, what beautiful photos of the mountains, lake and forest, plus the lovely beach in the previous post. I enjoyed the stroll :)
Your mom had quite a sense of humor :)
What a treasure to spend a lovely day with your sisters.
It's my brother's birthday on 3/12 and I'll be calling Australia today (it's already the 12th over there) to have a chat with him. I saw him last in '03.
There's something so very peaceful about a lake or an ocean beach, isn't there? Glad you had such a nice day.
Love the last picture. You have your mom's sense of humor :)

Blogger linda may said...

Beautiful Bev, you really have an eye for photography. Makes me think that our worlds, with their differences and similarities are not so distant from each other after all.

Anonymous Whidbey Woman said...

I can't believe that I've lived in this area for ten years now and have never been to Baker Lake. Must Do!!!


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