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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


photo is borrowed
The following letter was sent to a local newspaper way back in 1890, apparently by a very desperate fellow!

" We want girls. Girls who can get themselves into good shape to go to a dance. The boys are getting tired of receiving invitations with the request that you "bring ladies."

They are like apples, very scarce. We want girls who will go to church and to Bible class on Sunday, and that kind who can draw a congregation of the other sex and who will take a buggy ride after the lesson is over. This will help the livery business and also the sale of residence lots, for buggies are the vehicles in which homes are first thought of by many people.

We want girls who can wait on a table, and who can smile us into an appetite when stomack (sic) bitters are impotent, and who will make the boys regular at their meals.

We want girls for sweethearts, so that when one of us gets an arm shot off, or kicked by a mule, or thrown from a bucking horse and is laid away for repair he can hear a gentle voice and see the glitter of a crystal tear spoken and dropped in unconscious sympathy for his pain.

We want fat and funny girls to make us smile all over, and lean and fragile ones to hang upon our arms, and petite blondes who show themselves on sunny days, and stately brunettes so beautiful in the twilight."

I can't imagine if any ladies responded to this desperate plea.

My personal response to his request,

"suck it up, George!"



Anonymous Diane at Crafty Passions said...

OMG that is priceless !!
So funny but you know it was probably truly written... ,makes it all the more funny.
The ladies now would not give that letter a second look.

Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

That is funny, Bev! He sounded very sincere and wasn't asking for too much, was he? Haha! I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing it.

Hope you are doing well. I am tired of winter, but doing quite well, thank the Good Lord!

Hugs and blessing, dear Bev!


Blogger Susan said...

At least they were being honest!

Blogger Granny Annie said...

Too bad he didn't think to list any incentive for the women.

Blogger PEA said...

LOL can you imagine??? I would have had to be very desperate to answer a letter like that! hehe xoxo

Blogger Merle said...

Dear Bev ~~ Thank you so much for your well wishes and comments.
I enjoyed the letter. Things have changed since those days. My heart is not pumping enough blood so that is causing the swelling. I have another tablet to try to remove all the fluid and get it working right again.
I love violets too, but have lost my sense of smell the last few years.
I am glad you were spared all the snow from the two blizzards in the East. I can't believe 30 inches
of snow in Maryland. Take care,my
friend, Love, Merle.

Blogger Nezzy said...

Glory this is funny! We could take this and throw it into today's society 'cause it is so written in the language of "guy!!!"

I so enjoy your sweet comments over at my place. You have yourself one blessed day lovely lady! :o)

Anonymous Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

This is so funny~~

Blogger Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What a letter, at least he was honest......lol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog we do share the same interests.

Blogger Ralph said...

That is pretty funny. It would be interesting to know if anyone responded.

Blogger Rachel said...

Definitely sounds desperate for any females at all!! LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great story as for me. I'd like to read something more about this matter. Thanks for sharing this data.

Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh MM, I read that through with my jaw dropping lower and lower. Then read your reply and totally cracked up laughing...well said!

Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh MM, I read that through with my jaw dropping lower and lower. Then read your reply and totally cracked up laughing...well said!


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