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Sunday, February 21, 2010


The dreary days and weeks drag by as we gaze out the window at the gray sky and cold, wet earth. Mama and Papa have searched page after page in every seed catalog they can find and checked and rechecked their supply of saved seed from last years gardens. The wild creatures, still hidden in the trees have nearly depleted their winter food supply, and wait expectantly.
Then one morning to the thrill of all, Lady Sun comes peeping through the gray sky and melts the frost from the earth. She steams as her vapors arise and emerald blades of new grass appear. The robin comes and furiously scratches the sod in search of a nice fat worm.
The squirrels scamper from their tree houses and nibble nourishing maple seeds and the woolly old raccoon lumbers out from his cozy cave and climbs the fir tree to survey it all.
Papa oils the mower anticipating the chore he will dread by the end of summer as Mama joyfully digs her eager fingers into the cool, damp earth to remove a dandelion that has stayed too long according to the size of it's long root.
The children race to the swing and soar joyfully, each trying to swing highest. Squeals of delight echo throughout the small valley.
The birds begin their noisy courtship and the bees faithfully search out pollen to refill the cells in their hive.
Lady Sun smiles down upon the earth and warms it back to life as Old Man Winter slowly slogs away. Another glorious spring has arrived wearing all the lovely green shades with splashes of Daffodil's, vibrant patches of violets and snowdrops, primroses of course the golden crocus.
Our Father sees it all. It's just as He planned. Seasons for rest and seasons for refreshing.
I'm sure he smiles knowing what delightful surprises he has planned for me to find in my gardens.



Anonymous Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Lovely post,makes you smile!

Blogger Jess said...

hi Bev! I've missed reading these great posts...

hope all is well with you

Lots of love to you

Blogger Charlotte said...

Don't you just love spring. I'm sure it is more important to people who live in cold climates. It isn't that much different here in the desert. We just dread the long hot summer that will follow. lol Nevertheless, I love springtime too.

Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hi dear Bev!

I have really enjoyed this post. Yes, we are waiting for beautiful Spring. My daffies are up, and the birds are starting to sing, around here. It will be here soon! Happy Spring!

Love and hugs,


PS. I will add Gunther to my prayers as well.

Blogger Charlotte said...

Beautiful post! We were like-minded this week...dreaming of spring!

Blogger Diane@Diane's Place said...

I think Spring is still a long way off for us here in Arkansas, no matter what the calendar has to say about it. Soon enough it will be here though.

I do dread the smothering heat and humidity of Summer but it's just part of life here in the South.

Even though I'm not physically able and don't have room for a garden these days, I still pore over my seed catalogs and mentally plan a garden every Spring. I'm still a gardener at heart even though I'm unfulfilled, lol. ;-)

Have a great new week, dear Bev.

Love and hugs,


Blogger PEA said...

Oh how I wish Spring was here already but in my little corner of the world we still have quite a bit of Winter to get through yet!! It's 22F as I type this and we won't see anything near 60F until at least May! lol Loved this post, dear Bev, made me feel warm and happy inside:-) xoxo

Blogger Nezzy said...

Gorgeous pics sister! I want spring, love spring wait for spring so could ya send a little my way. It's a whoppin' 38 here today. The Ozarks has been runnin' way below normal all winter. It's wrong...just very wrong!

God bless ya'll and have the best day!!!

Blogger Mary said...


Such a poetic post makes spring come alive. We've had our largest snowfall of the season and it was only 6 inches, but I could see that the snow was the type we get in spring.

I will pray for Gunter. Cancer is a terrible thing, but there is HOPE as long as our Father is in Heaven.

Thank you for your compliments on the fabric. I fell in love with it immediately. I was also thinking of making wall hangings. I may mount the prints on a solid backing and put quilt batting in the children to make them come alive. They would look lovely hanging in my Victorian home. I may keep some and sell the rest.

Have a great day, my friend. Sorry it's been so long since I visited. I've been ill the last couple of weeks and will try to drop by more often.

Please continue to pray for my friend, JoAnn. Her chemo and radiation start on March 8th. She has cancer of the jaw and it's in her lymph nodes.


Blogger Merle said...

Dear Bev ~~ Isn't it a great feeling when Spring is about to arrive. Our
Autumn starts next Monday on March 1st. So Spring should arrive pretty soon. I am so glad you enjoyed the story of The Two Wolves. And I agree with you, I wouldn't want any snake nudging my foot either.
Take great care, my friend.
Love, Merle.

Blogger Rachel said...

Spring is my favorite season when everythings starts growing again! I just got my Gurney's catalog a few days ago.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Kerri said...

This post warms my heart and makes me smile, especially after our big 2-day snowstorm. We have all that wonder to look forward to :) It's been a very long winter!
Love all the pictures, especially the little girl on the swing.
Can't wait to see those daffodils!
I'll put Gunther on my prayer list and may The Lord give him and his wife strength to endure!
I hope you're doing well and feeling strong! Hugs and blessings dear Bev.

Blogger ClassyChassy said...

Good grief - where do you live??? I had to come by and check out your blog - thanks for visiting mine! We are buried in show, and have almost given up hope of spring and blue skies!!! Refreshing to see your nice photos!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Paul Nichols said...

I've seen your name at Ralph's a number of times. Thought I'd stop by here. It's March 1 here in the Heart of America. No sign of spring yet, but the weather casters are suggesting we might see 50 degrees this week. Temp right now is 28.

Enjoyed reading several of your posts.

Blogger Paul Nichols said...

Hi again. I, too, added your site to my blogroll. I'll be back.


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