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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here is the little gown I made for Lily's burial. I made a ruffled bonnet and flannel diaper too, and crocheted little white booties for her.
The funeral was difficult but our family is close and supportive and our Lord has held us close to His heart.
Lily's mother and my youngest daughter both had their gall bladder's removed the week after we lost Lily so it has been a very stressful May so far. I pray it calms down now.
My Beauty Bushes are beginning to bloom and look like fluffy pink clouds. I wonder why I always think of Strawberry Ice Cream when I see this bush in bloom?

I love this white Iris!!! I thought I just had one and accidentally killed it so you can imagine how happy I am to find this one showing off for me today!!! Isn't it just wonderful?

Just look at this naughty little buglet!! It went to the bathroom on my lovely lavender Iris! No manners at all!!
Enlarge the photo if you don't believe me.

Pink Columbine is lovely in the sun, especially with a blue sky.

OK!!! This is why I have had an ongoing war with the deer around here. If you enlarge this shot you will see that the tops of my Phlox have all been eaten. Yes, the deer have come and chomped off all the tops of both the pink and the Lavender Phlox as well as the Perennial baby's Breath and the heirloom rose that I started from my mothers old bush. I have used blood meal for years to repel them and am now using Irish Spring Soap chips. Unfortunately I must have some Irish deer around here!

Here's a nice shot of a little Bumble bug on my Patty Rose. He looks so furry and cute but I doubt his sting matches his looks!
Here's Pete! I have an area in one of my gardens where I have made a mossy area and placed lots of elves and the like. The kids love it. This guy feels like I do today, but I need to snap out of it and go plant some tomatoes!

I had to laugh when I saw this picture. It is actually the center of an Iris but it looks like a really mean face to me with green eyes. LOL
We never know what our pictures are going to look like until we see them on the monitor screen.

My sweet girl Patty gave me several pink Rhody's. I planted most of them last fall but her son and his friend brought me two more a few weeks ago and even planted them for me. This is what they look like. I love them! The flower petals are ruffled. I have mounds of white Candy tuft growing between them and some Stella d' Oro day lilies are budding out too. It sure makes a pretty setting. I just love this shade of pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lithadora is gorgeous this year. I want to get more of it and have it everywhere. Blue is my favorite color and these little blue flowers delight me.
This Clematis is 'Paul II. I think it's just beautiful!! The flowers are about 7 inches across and my blue shed is a perfect background for them. I am fighting the deer to have these, My Pellet Gun is loaded and you better believe that any long legged critter I catch nibbling on these beauties will find out what mountain Mama's lead feels like!

The Callas are blooming now too. So far the deer have not been interested in them. I pray they never are.
I love how the flower petal wraps around, giving the impression it is a rather shy or modest flower.
My computer was down for a week after the funeral so I have lots of catching up to do.
I hope everyone is well and happy.
I'll be visiting you soon.
Thanks you again for your prayers for my family through this past few weeks. It's the prayers of saints like you that help us survive such painful ordeals.



Blogger Susan said...

I've thought about you, and yours, a lot so glad to see you post. How horrible to have the surgeries on top of the loss.

The dress is precious. What love, Bev!!!!!!I'm proud to have you as a blog friend :o) ((hugs))

Blogger Sandie's Patch said...

Hi MM,
Nice to have you back!
Lilys' little dress was lovely.
Take care my dear,

Sandie xx

Blogger Delores and Co.! said...

Hi, my name is Delores. I know the loss of a child, but I also know the joy of the Lord Jesus. Our children are in the presence of the Lord where there is fulness of joy! That gives me so much joy to know that we will be united again and nothing will be able to separate us! Until then, Jesus within, our hope of glory, is still writing our story and we as followers of Jesus know how that will end...happily forever after! Until then, Joy and Peace come in believing.
I'm so glad I found your blog. I found the earlier one first because I was doing a search on wallflowers because today's flower is the wallflower according to Flora's Dial. Here's the website if you would like to check it out! I thought you would and I LOVE all the pictures you've taken. What a blessing! God bless you!!!!!!!

Anonymous Charlotte/For Such A Time As This said...

The gown you made your grandbaby is beautiful. It is such a hard thing to say goodby to one so little. If we could only see beyond the veil of this world, it would be so comforting to see her in the arms of Jesus.

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. Thank God we are not judged by our drawers! God is more concerned with our hearts. My drawers are a mess at the moment:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Bev,
So good to have you back.
Lovely pics as usual.
Pass on Scottish Greetings to your family. It is a privilege to have you share with us.

Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Dear Bev,

Have been thinking a lot of you and your family. I, so, admire the courage of you all.

The little dress and the sweet name given the precious baby is perfect- and so are the beautiful flowers you put in the second part of your post.

God bless you all,



Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

You and your daughter have been in my thougyhts, MM. I'm so sorry it's been such a hard month for your. The burial of a baby is absolutely heartbreaking and I am so sorry little Lily is not with you today.

Your flower photos are absolutely breathtaking...especially the lovely blue flowers. Blue is also my favourite colour and I just love those.

I hope things will become a lot better for you and your family. God bless you all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger linda may said...

Bev, you are surrounded by beauty.I hope time will lessen you and your family's pain in loosing such promise. The flowers are beautiful. Makes me long for soil that belongs to me again instead of what is here in this rented house I live in.

Blogger Kerri said...

Dear Bev, What a heartbreak you've all been through! I'm so very sorry to hear of loss of the precious babe. Such a beautiful name and that dainty little gown is so sweet.
And then to have the 2 surgeries on top of it all. How awful.
Your beautiful garden must be a great comfort to you right now. Gardening is such wonderful therapy.
Thanks for your kind words and prayers for my husband. He's doing much better this week, working outside again. The fresh air, sunshine and exercise are helping him regain his strength. They're the best medicine!
I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
Sending hugs xoxoxo

Blogger Jess said...

Bev, so sorry to hear of your loss and the hard times in your family. I hope things get better and stay better.

Your flowers are lovely...

Love you lots

Anonymous jamie said...

Lovely pictures!!
i loved looking at your flowers!!

Blogger Merle said...

Dear Bev ~~ The little dress you made for Lily is beautiful and so nice for her last goodbye. I hope you are all feeling a little better,
especially the two with the gall bladder ops. Your flowers are so
lovely also and are a comfort to see beauty around you. Love and Hugs,


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