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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Yes, I know it makes everything green and pretty. It also makes moss and mold and mud. This little toadstool loves the stuff.
Here's Victoria holding a balloon in one hand and one of my daughter's peony's in the other. It isn't really as big as it looks but it is a large one and very fragrant!

Our birthday girl handled the happy birthday song quite well to a certain point. Do you remember feeling like this when you were a child. She wasn't crying or upset, just feeling shy at all the attention. There were five camera's pointed at her.
Happy 9th Hailee.

Here is my Paul II Clematis. I am amazed at the size of the blossoms. A deer ate several of these gorgeous flowers but I now have Irish*Spring soap and blood meal out there and also have a rope fencing off the area so I am getting to enjoy them.

This Little crazy quilt always makes me smile. Several years ago I used to take the train to visit some of my kids in San Diego before they moved back home. I made it to keep me warm on the train. My grandson David, who was about ten at the time asked if he could sleep with it while I was there. Of course I let him. When it was time to come back home he didn't want to part with it so I gave it to him.
David is now married man with three daughters, Hailee is one of them, and those little girls are enjoying the quilt now. Sometimes I see it on their beds, or find them wrapped up in it on a cool day.
It makes me smile

This made me smile too.



Blogger 于名于名 said...

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Blogger Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Bev.... I know... long time, no visit! So pleased to receive your comment which prompted me to come and see you.

Yes, I know all about rain, we have more than our fair share of it in Wales, however, the past few weeks have been glorious, some days too hot in fact.

What a magnificent peony Victoria is holding, such a pretty pink too. Peonies suffer in the rain don’t they! There large flower head hold the water which becomes too heavy and bends the stems over... I’ve often found myself out giving them a gentle shake after a shower... but fortunately this year there has been no need.

Happy 9th birthday Hailee.... what a splendid cake... yes, I know that shy feeling when all the guests a singing especially for you. Happy days!

Love your Paul 11 clematis.... I’ve made a note of this one, would love to have one in my garden.

What a precious quilt you’ve made Bev... I know it is well loved and will continue to be so for many years to come.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day. Marion

Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

That peony is almost as big as Victoria! It looks just beautiful and so does Victoria. I love that clematis, too. I haven't seen that one before.

I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care.

Blogger Kerri said...

We're having an abundance of rainy days here too, Bev. It was so dry here for a while that the rain was welcomed, but now we're at the "rain rain go away" stage! I'm very sick of it and longing to have some sunshine so that I can get out into the garden. The weeds and perennials are running rampant.
That peony is a beauty! Mine are blooming now and yes, being weighted down by the rain. I should do as Marion does, and go out and shake them. It looks like we might have clearing this afternoon so I'll finally be able to take some photos.
I think I've mentioned before that your Paul II Clematis looks like my Carnaby. Those flowers are magnificent!
Happy birthday to your shy little Hailee :)
The pretty quilt holds sweet memories. It's nice that the granddaughters are enjoying it now and it's moving through the generations.
The joke made me smile too :)

Blogger PEA said...

LOL that cartoon is too funny! hehe

I do hope you're having some sunny weather by now? We've been having nothing but sunshine during the days and rain at nights so it's been perfect! lol

I love peonies and the one Victoria is holding is just gorgeous. Mine are now all in bloom and I took pictures of them yesterday so will put them up on my blog tomorrow.

Love your clematis as well, aren't they just so beautiful!! The clematis I have in my faerie garden is now blooming but the funny part is it's blooming at the bottom of the plant and not higher! The one I have in the front usually blooms at the top...that one hasn't started to bloom yet.

Oh yes, I sympathize with Hailee for being so shy. I was the same way and I remember walking around covering my eyes figuring if I couldn't see anybody then they couldn't see me! lol I'm still very shy believe it or not!!

What a heirloom that crazy quilt is and I can well imagine how thrilling it is for you to see your grandchildren using it now:-)

Take good care, dear Bev, and wishing you a wonderful week! xoxo


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